The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – why was Erik killed?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 23, 2023 (Last updated: March 26, 2023)
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Episode 8 is a throwback to early 21st-century television shows with season-long storylines, credibility-straining plot points, and a few strategic reveals.

We recap the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 8, “Redux,” which contains spoilers.

Episode 8 is a solid outing. A throwback to early 21st-century television shows—ones with season-long storylines, plots that stretch credibility, over-the-top villainous characters, and well-placed reveals. We have a solid opening flashback sequence revealing key questions viewers have been asking themselves all season long.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

We now learn why Colin Worley is alive and pretending to be a man named Matteo. In a flashback just after the metro bombing, Colin shows up at his apartment, and his twin brother, Matteo, is there.

Matteo is clean-shaven, dressed nicely, and has fought with his girlfriend, so he stays the night. Colin tells him he has to leave. Matteo knowing his twin brother had a heroin problem, is concerned because he looks strung out.

Why is Colin Worley pretending to be Matteo?

Colin Worley is pretending to be his twin brother Matteo to hide from people behind the failed metro bombing. They go to bed, and the following day Colin gets rid of some evidence and calls Wick to tell him what happened.

Colin asks Wick if the Vice President will fix this, and his boss assures him he will. When Colin returns to his apartment hours later, he finds his brother Matteo dead of a drug overdose. Wick sent people to his home to kill him and mistook his twin brother for Colin.

Who is Osprey?

Peter figures out Zadar is Osprey. While going through surveillance videos of the facility, Chelsea admits the man she was watching on her detail at the coffee shop the day of the meter bombing was Zadar.

Erik and Chelsea have Rose and Peter in handcuffs, but Rose says they found the identity of the real bomber. They grab the picture from Rose’s bag, and it’s a picture of Matteo, the suspect of Maddie’s kidnapper. They don’t report the arrest and take them along for the investigation in handcuffs. This leads them to a storage locker.

Redfield is alerted to the fact that Maddie sent a video to Wick. This is strange to him and catches Wick talking about a kidnapper in the singular. He must know him, he says. Wick admits he does, and the man is behind the metro bombing.

When the Vice President says they killed them already, Wick admits to the mistake of what happened. Redfield continues to threaten, and Wick offers one right back, saying he will introduce his paid assassins to him if he likes.

What does “Train R142” mean?

Finally, Maddie has Matteo send her a video pleading for her life directly to her father to admit to the metro bombing. However, she gives him the number Chelsea.

While speaking, Chelsea notices a pattern of Maddie tapping her neck every so subtly. Why? It’s a code she taught her if she ever wanted to leave a conversation or felt uncomfortable. They translate it as “Train, Are, One, For, To,” and don’t know what that means. Peter thinks she means “Train R142,” which must be a shipping container.

Chelsea and Peter arrive at the shipping yard. She gives Peter a gun. Shortly later, Erik comes and keeps Rose in the car. Matteo/Colin enters the shipping container, but Maddie stabs him in the back with a piece of metal ripped from the broken light stand. She escapes, and her kidnapper chases her.

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While the three armed agents search the yard, Ellen appears and purchases herself in an elevated position with a gun. The three arrest Matteo and save Maddie, but Ellen kills Matteo/Colin. All four are now trapped and trying to get Maddie out alive.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Why was Erik killed?

Ellen shot and killed Erik while trying to protect Maddie from the hired killer.

As they try to leave and hide behind containers, Ellen shoots Erik. While Peter tries to drag him to safety, Ellen is about to kill Peter when Rose shows up out of nowhere and pushes her over the guard rail. Ellen falls to her death. The episode ends with Erik bleeding from his mouth and back.

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