The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – who is Colin Worley?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 23, 2023 (Last updated: March 26, 2023)
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The writing in The Night Agent closes gaps and plot holes in laughable ways, but the story continues to be intriguing.

We recap the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 7, “Best Served Cold,” which contains spoilers.

The writing in The Night Agent closes gaps and plot holes in laughable ways. However, the overall story continues to be intriguing. Unfortunately, the episode takes the phrase never let the facts get in the way of a good story all too seriously.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

To start the episode, we saw a flashback where President Redfield, then a Congressman, is on the phone worried about his career. He hears his daughters fighting, both children, over a toy. Maddie cannot be more than eight years old. Her younger sister Sarah can barely be five. He orders Maddie to watch her sister, which no one that age should be in charge of.

Why does Maddie hate her father?

Maddie hates her father because Redfield blames her for his other daughter’s death. The issue is it is around their pool, and Redfield is on the second floor inside the bedroom talking to one of his staff members.

Of course, Maddie wanders inside, playing with her toy. Moments later, time passes, and we hear Redfield screaming. Maddie comes out, and her father carries her young sister’s lifeless body out of the pool. While driving away from the funeral, he blames Maddie to her face that she is the one who was supposed to be watching her.

Peter and Rose end up staying in a boat with a man who used to be his father’s best friend. That’s when they learn Cisco was killed. Now they have the ship in the bay, hiding from authorities.

After all the stress and emotional toll, Peter and Rose give in to their unspoken attraction for each other. They kiss and have sex in the boat.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Erik search for Peter’s apartment. They find birthday cards from “Uncle Jim,” a Baltimore Sun reporter and the owner of the boat Peter is currently hiding in.

When they question Jim, he says he hasn’t seen Peter in years, which is true because he holds a grudge over the stories he wrote about his father. Erik, though, sees the picture of his boat and puts two and two together.

What does Farr hand Redfield?

Farr hands Redfield a nanny camera that will ruin Redfield’s career. Redfield, Wick, and Farr meet in a parking garage, Deep Throat style, and report Maddie’s kidnapper is sending videos of her asking the Vice President to confess to the metro bombings or he will kill her.

Redfield, showing a rare spell of caring for his daughter more than himself, says he will turn himself in. Farr and Wick, however, have other plans. She tells Redfield that Maddie is going to humiliate him publicly.

Farr grabs a bag and gives it to Redfield. He opens it. It is the elephant with the nanny camera Wick’s assassins stole from the home in the first episode. It has a recording, but of what?

What does the video show?

The video proves that the Vice President was at fault for Sarah’s death, not Maddie. We don’t know, but Farr indicates she cleaned up his mess. This recording would ruin him, and she could obtain it when Maddie’s therapist gave Farr a heads-up.

Wick says he can keep the camera, but they made digital copies. Later Redfield views the tape. Maddie is a young teenager. She taped her father being emotionally abusive to her and blaming her for Sarah’s death even though Maddie stood up for herself, telling him he left them alone with the pool gate open.

Effectively, they are blackmailing Redfield to go along with the plan. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to convince Matteo, her kidnapper, not to kill her by offering evidence against her father. She knows this is what Farr handed the Vice President already.

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Chelsea and Erik inform Farr that they should be working on the Matteo lead (the professor’s boyfriend, member of the environmental group, and suspect in the metro bombing). Still, Farr pushes back, telling them to stay on Peter. Farr calls Wick, who sends him pictures of the suspect the agents are talking about.

He recognizes the face. Ellen visits Wick, holding a knife to his throat, wanting revenge for Dale’s death. He makes her a deal. If she tracks down the man in the photo, he will help her kill Dale’s killer, Peter.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Who is Colin Worley?

Colin Worley is the man with the snake tattoo Peter saw on the night of the metro bombing. Maddie and Peter con their way into public records and find out that the metro bombing suspect name is Colin Worley, and he has the same snake tattoo Peter saw that night.

The issue is, dozens of scenes prior, Colin Worley was one of twelve suspects Hawkins investigated but was found dead in his apartment. How is Worley then alive and walking around kidnapping Maddie?

That’s when Erik and Chelsea appear at the boat and arrest them both.

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