The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – why does the Vice President accuse Peter of kidnapping Maddie?

March 23, 2023 (Last updated: March 26, 2023)
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The Night Agent is beginning to recover from a slow start with the biggest plot twist of the season.

We recap the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 6, “Fathoms,” which contains spoilers.

The Night Agent is beginning to recover from a slow start by using the storytelling tool of flashback to reveal character backgrounds and vital information. The show also starts to reveal suspenseful plot twists. The best, so far, happens at the end of the episode.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Who is the owner of the ring?

The owner of the ring that Dale was wearing was Andrej Pavelic. The ring he has been wearing since Peter caught him on camera in his home. The gold ring has a crest that means you are a royal descendant from Yugoslavia called the Pavelic Coat of Arms.

Pavelic is a distant cousin to the Crown Prince in Serbia, who wanted to reinstate the defunct Yugoslavian monarchy. Pavelic spoke out against it. Dale and Ellen are seen in flashbacks dumping him alive in a lake. Ellen gives Dale a ring. While Ellen thought her first kill would have meant more, she still enjoyed her work.

Peter and Rose head into the White House, but Peter changes plans. He doesn’t want Rose to go with her, but why? Well, The Night Agent thinks there is someone else involved. Just because Turn Lake donated all the money to the Vice President, he still does not have the power to call off the Secret Service detail.

So, Peter drops Rose off at his best friend’s apartment, Cisco. He is the trooper who helped him enter the home where Dale and Ellen stayed. However, Peter is unaware the dangerous assassins set a tracker in his car.

Peter traced an operate (Dale) to Turn Lake, and former FBI Director Hawkins met the CEO of Turn Lake, Gordon Wick, the day he was murdered.

No one wanted to take credit for it, so they used Zadar and PIF as scapegoats when the real target was in the coffee shop that day. The bomb was designed to take out two city blocks, covering up who was the real target. Maddie’s Secret Service detail was protecting that person.

Peter shows Farr a picture of Redfield having dinner with Wick. That’s when Farr tells Peter to have his “trooper friend” drop off Rose at the loading dock. If you missed that, this is a red flag.

Why does Peter think Diane Farr is the mole?

Peter never told Farr about who Rose was staying with, revealing she is the one person at the White House who is the mole working against them. As Peter hears this, his eyes widen, and he plays it cool.

As soon as Farr leaves the room, she realizes her mistake. Peter calls Cisco and Rose to alert them that they need to go. Farr calls Wick to tell him what Peter told her, then sends the Secret Service to arrest him. Peter, showing some very athletic traits, manages to escape, yes, a Secret Service White House chase. Peter manages to escape from the FDR tunnel.

Why is Cisco dead?

We don’t know if Cisco is dead initially because we only see the killer pull the trigger in his direction. Cisco and Rose leave but are followed by Wick’s assassins. After losing them, he drops her off at a corner and tells her to run, and he will draw them away from her.

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Dale sees through the tracker that Cisco stopped at a corner briefly; when he looks outside his window, he sees Rose running down an alley. He gets out of the car and runs after her.

Meanwhile, unfortunately for Cisco, while he calls his brothers at the police department, Ellen catches up with him and crashes her car into his driver’s side door. When Cisco shakes away the cobwebs, he looks up, and Ellen shoots him dead.

Who killed Dale?

Dale is about to shoot Rose, but Peter eventually kills Dale to save Rose’s life. After chasing Rose down to the bay, Dale is about to attack Rose, but Peter emerges and tackles the assassin. (We aren’t sure how Peter knew Rose was there and in danger).

After a fight where it looks like Dale is about to win, Rose hits him over the head with a large piece of driftwood. After another back and forth, Peter locks him in a chokehold from behind and eventually kills him.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Why does the Vice President accuse Peter of kidnapping Maddie?

The Vice President claims Peter kidnapped Maddie at a press conference under Diane Farr’s direction. Farr, Wick, and Redfield are trying to discredit Peter. Why? Because he now knows these three are connected to the murder of Rose’s family—also, the metro bombing.

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  • April 17, 2023 at 2:53 pm

    Pavelic was the dictator and the fashist who fought against the Yugoslav royal family and was the Nazi simpatizer and the head of the Nazi puppet state. Can you at least google info before filming this rubbish?

  • May 29, 2023 at 2:07 am

    Peter knew Rose would be running towards the Pier because that was their prearranged meeting point!

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