The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – who is Maddie’s father?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 23, 2023 (Last updated: April 29, 2023)
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The Night Agent continues to pull back the curtain on the conspiracy with a compelling episode and ends with an eye-opening revelation.

We recap the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 4, “Eyes Only,” which contains spoilers.

The Night Agent continues its flashbacks where Erik Monks (D.B. Woodside) saved the previous President’s life. While speaking at a factory, Monks noticed only one man not watching the speech and still working. He tries to communicate to his team to check what the man is doing, but the radio has interference.

Monks sees the man approaching, who appears to have assembled a plastic gun. (Think John Malkovich in In The Line of Fire). When Monks yells gun, the assassin shoots him in the shoulder and runs before being apprehended. We see Monks lying on the ground, breathing heavily and in pain.

What is Monk’s connection to the case?

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Why was Monks assigned to the Vice President’s daughter’s detail?

Chelsea finds out that Monks was assigned to the Vice President’s daughter’s detail because he was addicted to painkillers after the shooting. This is why he has been given the most thankless job in the Secret Service. It was this, or he would have to retire or work a desk job.

Chelsea searched his apartment while he was meditating. She lets the new employee know she doesn’t trust him, which he understands, but corrects her that he wasn’t once a junkie; he still is and will always be in recovery.

Meanwhile, Paulo is increasingly hitting on Maddie to manipulate her, but we still don’t know his end game. First, he focuses on her and draws her. She notices his eyes on him. Shortly after, he looks over her work and comments on how wonderful it is while gently caressing her arms and neck.

They kiss, but he soon pulls away, pretending they cannot let this happen. When they meet again during office hours later, she apologizes for letting it happen, but Paulo allows her to make a move and take control.

Farr allows Peter and Rose to investigate independently to show them trust. In the last episode, Rose found an address for an engineering firm in the middle of the countryside, no less, on some schematics of building blueprints in the hard drive.

When they arrive, an older adult woman named Lorna answers. She pretends to be oblivious to their questions about Rose’s family and does not know any connection. When they persist, Lorna pulls a shotgun from behind the door. They are about to leave when Rose remembers the countryside home and town and how she used to play there with her aunt. Lorna then invites them in.

Who is Lorna?

Lorna is an old friend of Rose’s aunt and uncle and claims she is a retired civil engineer but is an old spy. They leave together to the city to investigate the city block where Rose’s family felt something was going to happen.

Along the way, Lorna explains the history of Emma and Henry to Rose. How they met one summer and how they were excellent friends. Lorna also finds it strange how Peter Sutherland’s boy works the Night Action line at the White House.

Lorna lets Rose know her suspicions of Peter. However, Peter comes up with a theory while in a coffee shop. The metro runs underneath the city block they are standing on. What if the bomb was meant to go off there?

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Lorna returns home, and Ellen and Dale come through the back way. Lorna, calm under pressure, sends a knife in their direction and then goes for her shotgun, but they already have it. Ellen tells them to kill her, but they comment on how they will get information from her first. We later see them burying her body.

Dale comments on how Lorna did not give up the information quickly, as if he was showing the former spy his appreciation.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Who is Maddie’s Father?

Maddie’s father is the Vice President of the United States and the man pulling the strings.

We discover he is the Vice President because the familiar older distinguished man walks down a college dorm hallway. Chelsea says hello to him because he is Maddie’s father. He is the older man we have seen a handful of times with the money using a go-between who handles the assassins. The handler reminds the Vice President that he wanted loose ends tied up, and Lorna was one of them. The handler assures him it will be over soon.

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