The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – why was Maddie taken?

March 23, 2023 (Last updated: March 26, 2023)
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Episode 5 is a standout installment for Sarah Desjardins.

We recap the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 5, “The Marionette,” which contains spoilers.

The Night Agent has been intriguing. We found out Maddie’s (Sarah Desjardins) father is behind the conspiracy, but will this make light of the day?

Peter (Gabriel Basso) and Rose (Luciane Buchanan) question Chelsea (Fola Evans-Akingbola) about the day she was in the coffee shop, but she cannot give any details about her Secret Service protection plans, procedures, or “protected.”

Peter tells her that they are on orders from Dianne Farr (Hong Chau). However, Chelsea will run it up the chain of command, and if she gets approval, Chelsea will give Peter a call.

When she does, Almora (Enrique Murciano) tells her to tell Peter that Maddie is not in danger or involved. Almora takes issue with Farr and confronts her.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Why does Farr need to bring Peter and Rose in?

Farr has to bring Peter and Rose because the President orders her to. This is after Almora reports Peter is rogue to the President and the Vice President. Almora and the Vice President want to apprehend Peter and bring him in.

The President tells everyone to clear the room to talk to Farr. While she ensures President Peter can be trusted, she says that’s not good enough, and they need to come back in before the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Peter leaves Rose in the library to research, and Peter heads to Hawkins‘ home to question the widow.

While there, they both share their thoughts on close family members’ deaths. The widow mourns her husband, and Peter lives in his father’s shadow. This brings them to an understanding. Peter admits that while he knew her husband, he didn’t like him very much. The widow admits she lied to him before, but why?

Is Hawkins Osprey?

We are unsure if Hawkins is Osprey, but the widow says her husband was the man the Campbells wanted to warn. The Hawkins widow was a sounding board for the FBI director. He thought the People’s Independent Front (PIF) was not behind the bombing.

On the day of his death, Hawkins had a secret meeting with something called Turn Lake Industries. All she knows is that her husband was the handler for the Campbells years ago, and their deaths were personal to him. Could Osprey be Hawkins?

Rose is at the library and comes across a picture of the Pavelic Coats of Arms. This looks exactly like the ring on the assassin’s finger. This leads to a man with the last name Pavelic denying the monarchy should be put back in place.

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This descendant has disappeared; they have a suspect in mind and a drawing. When Rose downloads the drawing, it looks like the man she saw in the home where her family was killed.

What is Turn Lake Industries?

Rose finds that Turn Lake Industries is a private military contracting company that also makes large campaign donations to Vice President Redfield. Before Pavelic went missing, he talked in the press about the American defense contractors overrunning the Balkans. The contractor? Turn Lake Industries.

Peter calls Farr, who says the connection to the Vice President’s daughter was a dead end, but they found a link between the shootings and a company called Turn Lake Industries. Farr tells them they must come in to brief the President.

Does Maddie sleep with Paulo?

Maddie does not sleep with Paul, even though she does sneak away from the Secret Service. To Maddie’s dismay, Chelsea accompanies her to the art show instead of Monks.

Chelsea lets her borrow her necklace. At the party, Maddie skips out the back through a window in the bathroom, leaving a note for Chelsea on the bathroom mirror in lipstick, apologizing and saying she will be right back. Chelsea issues an alert. Maddie heads to Paulo’s apartment, where they are about to have sex. That’s when the man with the snake tattoo shows up.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Why was Maddie taken?

We do not know why Maddie was taken officially, but the man with the snake tattoo kidnapped her. The man shoots Paulo in the neck and later in the head. He drags Maddie from the apartment, where she leaves a blood stain streaking handprint on the wall.

Chelsea and Monks enter the apartment later when Monks mentions his suspicions of the art professor. They find Paulo dead and Chelsea’s necklace on the ground when they arrive.

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