Who is the Mole in The Night Agent Season 1?

March 26, 2023
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Who is the Mole in The Night Agent Season 1? We discuss this pivotal plot point in the series. Be warned – spoilers ahead.

The Night Agent is a throwback to early 21st-century serialized action thrillers like Kiefer Sutherland’s 24, without the real-time ticking clock. And in that grand tradition, bad guys (and girls) are everywhere.

One of the main storylines throughout the series is who is the mole within the White House is. It seems every time Peter gains an advantage in hiding, his protectee, Rose, and the bad guy assassins, Dale and Ellin, show up. But how?

We have the answer for you including the sinister character and what would have driven them to commit such heinous acts of treason.

What’s the premise of The Night Agent Season 1?

Here is the premise of The Night Agent Season 1 per Netflix’s website:

“FBI Agent Peter Sutherland is thrown into a vast conspiracy about a mole at the highest levels of the United States government. To save the nation, Peter plunges into a desperate hunt for the traitor, while working with the terrorized CEO Rose Larkin and protecting her from the people who murdered her aunt and uncle.”

Who is the mole in The Night Agent Season 1?

The mole in The Night Agent Season 1 is Diane Farr. Shockingly, Diane Farr is President Travers‘ Chief of Staff. She is also the person who handpicked Peter for The Night Agent post. She also has been Peter’s primary contact at the White House in trying to keep Rose safe.

And if you remember, Peter suspected Farr was the mole earlier when the assassins showed up at the Campbells’ cabin. Farr was the only one who knew, but when things came to a head, Farr talked her way out of it by handing her phone to a staffer to check for spyware.

Why are they the mole?

Diane Farr is the mole because she mistakenly tells Peter to have his “trooper friend” drop off Rose at the loading dock. If you missed that, this is a telling red flag.

Peter never told Farr about who Rose was staying with, revealing she is the one person at the White House who is the mole working against them. But the question is, why did Diane Farr do it?

Well, she uncovered the conspiracy to kill Zadar only after the botched metro bombing took place. Redfield and Wick approached her about helping them cover it up. Why? Because it would ruin President Travers’ current term and even her legacy.

So, Farr hires Peter because he would be the perfect pawn. After all, his father is well-known in government circles for being a traitor.

And why not a father like son?

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