Who plays Rose in The Night Agent?

By Louie Fecou
Published: March 26, 2023
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Who plays Rose in The Night Agent? We discuss a significant character in the popular thriller series. It will contain spoilers.

FBI agent Peter Sutherland receives a call on a phone that sets in motion a series of events that send him and young Rose Larkin spiraling into a conspiracy that leads to the very heart of The White House.

The Netflix thriller, based on the novel by Mathew Quirk, The Night Agent, has gripped viewers and introduced us to a great crime-fighting duo. With the show receiving some great reviews, we are taking a quick look at the show’s leads, and in particular, the character of Rose.

Who is Rose in The Night Agent?

Rose Larkin is a young entrepreneur specializing in technology who becomes a target for assassins that attack her aunt and uncle. Rose escapes and discovers that there is a lot more to her family’s business than she could ever guess.

The stakes are suddenly much higher than before, and she is now on the run and fearing for her life.

Who plays Rose in The Night Agent?

Rose is played by Luciane Buchanan in The Night Agent. Born in New Zealand, Luciane was a student of TAPAC’s Acting for Screen course and recently completed studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Psychology at The University of Auckland.

If you are a fan of Luciane, you can follow her on Instagram, search for @lucianebuchanan and join her other 22,100 fans.

Why is Rose important in The Night Agent?

Rose is important as she is pretty much the catalyst for the whole show. Her aunt and uncle are attacked by assassins, but before she dies, her aunt is the one that gives Rose the number of the phone to call and the codes she needs to give.

The phone call is answered by agent Peter Sutherland, and Peter sets out to find and rescue Rose, kick-starting the plot. By the end of the show, Peter and Rose must leave each other, but it does mean that the two could be reunited in future stories.

What is Luciane Buchanan known for?

You may recognize Luciane from many TV appearances. Her first role was playing the daughter of comedian Billy James in a TV movie from 2011.

By 2013, she would be a regular in the clever thriller series The Blue Rose, and if you were ever a fan, you might recall her from Filthy Rich in 2016.

However, in 2018 she would find a new fan base playing the part of Tripitaka in the revised cult fantasy action show The New Legends of Monkey. In 2021, she would have a role in an episode of the comic book adaptation of Sweet Tooth, and in 2022 you can spot her in two episodes of Under The Vines.

It is worth noting that the talented Luciane was also an executive producer on the TV mini-series The Panthers. Luciane is also lined up for a role in Jason Momoa’s upcoming Apple TV series Chief Of War, where she will play Ka’ahumanu.

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