The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – why is Redfield trying to assassinate the President?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 23, 2023 (Last updated: April 29, 2023)
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Farr and Peter need couples counseling as they keep choosing to trust and not trust each other. There are enough decent twists to make the episode suspenseful, but the series cannot shake the feeling of being hackneyed.

We recap the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 9, “The Devil We Know,” which contains spoilers.

Farr (Hong Chau) and Peter (Gabriel Basso) need couples counseling as they choose to trust and not trust each other. Or, for that matter, Peter seems to put too much trust in a woman who keeps showing her true colors. There are enough decent twists to make the episode suspenseful, but the series cannot shake the feeling of being contrived.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Why is Diane Farr involved in the Metro Bombing?

Farr involved herself in the metro bombing to protect the current administration. We now learn, in a flashback, how Diane Farr came to be involved in the metro bombing conspiracy.

The night of the metro bombing, Redfield calls Farr to his home. With him was Turn Pick Industries CEO Gordon Wick. The Vice President disagreed with POTUS on Omar Zadar and classified him as a dangerous terrorist.

Redfield, along with the help of Wick, attempts to blow up two city blocks while Zadar enjoys a coffee. Farr, at first, is about to turn and run back to her boss and best friend, the President. However, Redfield convinces her that this will ruin the current administration. Helping him would only help their boss. So, Diane Farr goes along with it.

The episode opens with Peter and Chelsea trying to revive Erik. They soon realize he is dead as he remains unresponsive. Peter checks on Rose, who enters Ellen’s clothes and finds her cell phone.

Wick calls, and Rose answers, pretending to be the killer. Wicks asks for an update, and Rose tells him she killed her targets. He tells her to return to the safe house, but the cover story is blown when Rose asks for directions.

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Wick hangs up the phone and runs to Farr. She informs Wick of what happened, with Maddie and Chelsea found alive, Erik dead, and one unidentified female dead. Wick thinks it was Chelsea on the phone.

How does Uncle Jim help Peter?

Uncle Jim helps Peter by letting them stay at his home and continue to investigate. Peter and Rose leave the scene, and they cover for them. They show up at Uncle Jim’s home, where Peter yells at him for turning on his father, despite Jim’s housing and feeding them while under suspicion of treason and kidnapping.

They review the complex drive data and find pictures of agents, including Rose’s Aunt and Uncle. Also, photos of the night action binder were on Peter’s desk on January 9th, when Peter was sick.

They go through the metadata and see Farr may have been in there. They borrow Jim’s truck. He takes the information and verifies them at his office. Peter and Rose show up at Farr’s assistant’s door.

They use her login and confirm that Farr was the one that night to go into The Night Agent’s office and takes pictures of the binders. If you are watching this, you may ask yourself; this means when Peter called in sick, there was no one covering his desk?

This is a gaping plot hole, or we can assume she tricked whoever was there into leaving the room. We can’t think the President’s Chief of Staff stepped in to cover.

Who is arriving at Camp David?

The President has arranged to meet Zadar at Camp David. Chelsea learns that her boss is up there with the President, and they are meeting Zadar. Wick and Farr are planning on killing him as soon as he lands.

To get Redfield to continue to go along, Redfield wants his daughter protected and ensures them that he will get her in line. After Maddie updates what she heard outside her father’s door to Chelsea and Peter confirms that it was Farr, she tries to call Almore, but his phone is turned off.

That’s when the Secret Service asks Maddie, after being kidnapped, if her father wants her to join him on a trip to Camp David.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Why is Redfield trying to assassinate the President?

Redfield is trying to assassinate the President because he wants the office and Zadar eliminated. When Zadar arrived, he was supposed to blow up the car. This never happened, and Farr never got the call.

She goes home to pack, thinking her life is now in danger. Peter arrives with Rose and tells her they know everything and that all the evidence has been sent to the Baltimore Sun. And they also know there is an assassination attempt on POTUS and Zara tonight. That is news to Farr, who is shocked and thinks Redfield and Wick will kill her friend, the President.

Peter tells Farr they are now going to Camp David to stop it.

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