Who is the bad guy in The Night Agent?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 24, 2023
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Who is the bad guy in The Night Agent? We discuss this pivotal character in the series and the actor who plays them. Be warned – spoilers ahead.

The Night Agent is a throwback to early 21st-century serialized action thrillers like Kiefer Sutherland’s 24, without the real-time ticking clock. And in that grand tradition, bad guys (and girls) are everywhere.

Many of them pop up when you least expect them. Sure, you have Vice President Redfield behind the initial plot, with the help of the CEO of Turn Lake Industries, who goes by the name of Wick. (No, not the one you’re thinking of, but boy, that would have been cool!).

These two even pulled in the brash Chief of Staff, Diane Farr, who wanted to protect the President, and who graduated from toxic work bully to domestic terrorist.

However, one man may be the worst of them all.

Who is the bad guy in The Night Agent?

Who is the bomber in The Night Agent?

The bomber in The Night Agent is a man named Colin Worley, played by Andre Anthony, in a dual role (more on that in a bit). He was the man with the giant snake tattooed across his torso.

The same man Peter chased across the city after saving hundreds of lives. However, according to a published government report, Colin Worly died of a heroin overdose a few days after the attempted bombing.

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How is Colin Worley alive? He is impersonating a man named Matteo, the man who kidnapped the Vice President’s daughter. Who is Matteo? That is Colin Worley’s twin brother! Yes, botching the operation, Wick and Redfield sent assassins to kill him when Colin’s twin brother was staying over.

When he left in the morning to destroy evidence, he returned, and Matteo died of a drug overdose. Yet, it’s Colin who had the drug problem. Colin took over his dead brother’s identity to survive.

Who planned the Metro bombing?

The metro bombing was planned by the Vice President (Christopher Shyer). He employed an arms dealer/third-party military company run by Wick (Ben Cotton), the CEO of Turn Lake Industries.

Diane Farr (The Whale’s Hong Chau) had nothing to do with the bombing attempt and was only brought in after the colossal botching of the operation.

Why was the Metro bombing planned?

The bomb was supposed to eliminate a man named Zadar. It was initially supposed to detonate near a coffee shop and remove a couple of square blocks by blowing up near a gas line. The intent was to create mass confusion and casualties to cover up the real target. Zadar leads the Middle East organization, The People’s Independent Front (PIF).

Zadar was having a secret meeting with government officials that day in a nearby restaurant, which was being protected by Secret Service officials at the time. The President wanted to negotiate peace talks with Zadar. (There was no mention in the series if Zadar was meeting with the President at the time).

Redfield staunchly believed that Zadar was a terrorist and needed to be eliminated.

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