Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

March 24, 2023
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The finale cannot help but utilize the sillier, more theatrical aspects of the series, but “A Kiss Not Mine Alone” offers some tender moments and genuine, satisfying closure. This is a fitting end to the investigation that brings the entire saga full circle. Fans will not be disappointed.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 10, “A Kiss Not Mine Alone,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

Episode 10, “A Kiss Not Mine Alone,” concludes Poppy Scoville’s (Octavia Spencer) latest investigation, focusing on the sex trafficking ring in Oakland.

In Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 9, no-nonsense Principal Eva Pierre (Gabrielle Union) was shot, defending Trini outside of the courthouse.

In the season three finale, we explore the aftermath of this shooting as Poppy and the gang try to crack down on all these interlinked crimes. By doing so, they hope to find out just who is running the sex trafficking ring after all.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

What happens to Eva?

We start at the hospital, and unfortunately, it is devastating news. The team is told that Eva didn’t make it; the gunshot wound was fatal, and she’s dead. Everyone is heartbroken to hear this news, but now the gang has a new killer to track down.

Aames wants to access the security footage, but Markus already has a suspect in mind. He believes Rochelle is the killer.

Poppy needs Rochelle to confess to killing Finney first, though, and then they can hopefully use Rochelle to out the real ring leader.

The team discusses the shooter’s motives, realizing that the killer was actually after Trini, who was about to testify against Bill Ochoa. Markus turns his attention back to Bill, wondering if he is the shooter.

Poppy wants to focus on Lee Hackman. In the meantime, Nadia accused him of blackmailing Finney, but they must find the reason behind this criminal act.

Poppy proposes the idea that Lee used these successful developers and Finney for favors or financial rewards. Although Poppy knows that Lee and Finney were good friends, the motive would need to be something serious.

Who does Poppy think is running the sex trafficking ring?

Poppy questions Lee’s wife Sybil Hackman first before confronting the suspect. Sybil admits that Finney was rumored to be throwing underage parties while a student and Lee had attended these events.

Sybil doesn’t believe that Lee would want to blackmail Finney. Poppy is starting to join the dots together now, though. Finney helped Lee get Questeur up and running in Oakland, using his influence with the city council.

Poppy tells Sybil her theory; she thinks Lee is leading the sex trafficking ring. Of course, Sybil thinks this is preposterous, but she agrees to hand over Questeur’s files anyway.

The files reveal some interesting information about Questeur. The company was hemorrhaging money in its infancy. Then suddenly, the company gained investors out of nowhere and grew into a successful business. Poppy believes Lee used the sex trafficking ring to gain wealthy investors’ money and partnership. Suddenly, Poppy is tipped off to Rochelle’s whereabouts.

Who killed Finney?

Aames and Markus drive over to the motel and chase after the suspected killer. Rochelle is arrested for Finney’s murder and is quickly questioned by Aames down at the station.

She has an alibi for Eva’s murder but cannot escape her other criminal act. Apparently, Finney identified Rochelle before his death. Rochelle confesses to killing Finney, explaining the circumstances surrounding this murder.

Rochelle wanted payback. She knew Finney was involved in Trey’s death and used this information to manipulate her way into a promotion. Then the boss of the ring ordered Rochelle to kill Finney, but she never actually knew who the leader was.

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Using Rochelle’s phone and the Questeur app, they follow up on a promising lead. Rochelle is still getting sent these one-way messages, even though she has been arrested.

Aames and Poppy use this to their advantage, meeting at the next location. They spot a driver, who soon bails. Markus follows this driver to Questeur HQ, where the launch party is underway.

Who is running the sex trafficking ring?

Lee Hackman delivers a grand speech as he launches his new base in Oakland. Rochelle’s phone continues to receive messages while Lee is talking, proving his innocence. Poppy spies the driver talking with Sybil and swiftly confronts the woman.

Poppy now realizes that Sybil is the true leader of the sex trafficking ring. Lee finds them talking and defends his wife, but she admits to everything.

Sybil saved the business with money gained from the trafficking ring. She saw that Finney was becoming a liability and had him murdered. Poppy is recording the whole thing, and Aames arrests, Sybil.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Ending Explained

Who do they think killed Eva?

Sybil is looking at twenty years plus in jail for the trafficking and her involvement in the murder. Although Bill Ochoa is only going to get just one year of prison time. He will be prosecuted for storing the blackmailing videos, but they cannot prove his involvement in Eva’s death.

Markus believes Bill is the one who killed Eva, and Trini is almost sure of it. Unfortunately, there is not enough proof to get Bill arrested.

Poppy admits Eva and Trini deserve better, but Bill will get away with it this time.

It’s not all doom and gloom; Zarina gives birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl named Skye. And Trini agrees to attend the recovery program.

A garden is unveiled in Eva’s memory, and Poppy agrees to continue to fight for justice in Oakland.

The series ends with another one of Poppy’s narrations. She talks about the process of recovery and the hunt for justice. We see Rochelle and Sybil in prison and Aames quitting his detective job. While Poppy is given her biological father, Alexander’s address.

What happens to Bill Ochoa?

In one of the final moments of the show, Shreve tracks down Bill Ochoa and confronts him outside his home. He threatens the suspect with a loaded gun, ordering Bill to leave town.

Bill fights back, trying to disarm Shreve. In the scuffle, Bill is shot. It is revealed that Shreve’s partner Lily was the shooter. It may not be the justice that Bill Ochoa deserved, but he has finally paid for his crimes, one way or the other.

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