Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – why does Jeong-sik dislike Yu-seok?

March 26, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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A good episode, but one which could’ve benefitted from a tighter focus.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 8, which contains spoilers.

Although there was too much filler in Divorce Attorney Shin episode eight, and it seemed to lack a consistent structure, there were still plenty of bright spots.

Chun-seok’s case really does have the potential to be the show’s most interesting one thus far, Seo-jin’s (Han Hye-jin) deliberations on a return to radio bring with their promise, and Jeong-sik’s (Jung Moon-sung) potential rivalry with Yu-seok (Jeon Bae-soo) is intriguing too. The hope has to be that the show can deal with all its ongoings without feeling too cluttered.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Despite trying to ride the coattails of his viral piano video to become a prominent media figure in the buildup to Chun-seok’s case, Sung-han fails. For Attorney Shin slips up when discussing his client on a radio show, meaning the public turn against him, and is happy to label him as “attention-seeking.”

Choi Jun’s makes a request, Seo-jin has a chance for a radio return, and Dinh Thi Hoa’s case gets more complex

At a meeting with Yeong-ju, Choi Jun gets confident. Not only does he admit he’s told Sung-han about his spying, but the rookie says that if such unethical deeds continue, he wants Yu-seok’s position given to him in return.

Concurrently, a reflective Seo-jin rebuffs her former station director’s proposal of a late-night radio comeback in favor of requesting she returns to her usual morning slot. Additionally, a serious-looking Jeong-sik wishes to accompany Hyeong-geun on his trip to Haenam as part of the Chun-seok case (later, it’s established this is because the realtor feels guilt for picking Yu-seok, the opposing attorney in this lawsuit, for Ju-hwa’s divorce).

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As Hyeon-u starts to be clued in on his mother’s potential radio comeback, Yu-seok meets with Dinh Thi Hoa. Here, the Vietnamese mother clarifies her story of wanting to leave Chun-seok so she could take her child to live with her mother, having become tired of his “drinking and beatings.”

But Dinh Thi Hoa still seems hesitant to open up, particularly regarding her husband’s alleged attack on her right arm.

On the other hand, Chun-seok gives his side of the story to Sung-han, one which contains seemingly heartfelt admissions that he wanted to change for his wife (despite being unaware of his apparent wrongdoings) and that he “lost it” when unable to convince Dinh Thi Hoa to stay with him. Candidly, Chun-seok looks saddened at the fact it’s still considered “emotional abuse” that he broke objects during his fight with his partner, partly because he had promised himself he’d never become like his physically abusive father.

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Outside, Sung-han discusses his confusion with Hyeong-geun. The divorce expert doesn’t know how Dinh Thi Hoa knew to invite the women’s shelter to her house, trusting she’d be beaten, nor can he decipher why she would wish to give up permanent residency in Korea to return to Vietnam with her child, considering she left that country due to having “too many younger siblings.”

While finding a place to live in Korea, Geum-hui expresses her issue with Gi-yeong being kept away from his uncle and sternly reminds Jeong-guk to make “wise choices” in his life. That, and the elder wishes to see her grandson that weekend.

Elsewhere, a pharmacist in Haenam asks Jeong-sik and Hyeong-geun if Chun-seok will end up in prison, considering he assaulted his wife.

Min-jeong’s husband

Next, we return to Min-jeong’s case. It’s made clear her husband, Hyeon-tae, was manipulative from the get-go, having “mixed lies with facts to sound trustworthy” to his partner’s family, who had taken a shine to the man’s “character” at church.

Then, when Min-jeong’s schizophrenia got worse, he continued his façade, joining a support group, somewhat skimming over the fact he’d revealed his “niece” was actually his daughter.

Continuing, Seo-jin alleges Hyeon-tae might’ve already known about his wife’s condition, which is why he was “so receptive to her.” Thus, Sung-han prepares to visit the schizophrenia support group once joined by the manipulator.

Meanwhile, Jeong-sik spots Yu-seok departing Haenam Welfare Centre, triggering him into reminiscing on how the attorney had once wrongly dismissed the idea of Daenam Electronics having something to do with Keumhwa Law Firm.

Revelations and bitterness

At Sung-han’s office, Hyeong-geun shares intriguing information afforded to him by a pesticide shop owner, who had tried to warn Chun-seok about his wife. Despite having the best class attendance, Dinh Thi Hoa wasn’t improving at her Korean skills; she was always staying out late to get drunk and generally didn’t seem to be acting respectfully, given her husband’s financial support for her family.

Later, during his time with Gi-yeong, which came thanks to Geum-hui, Sung-han is interrupted by the typically bitter Yeong-ju. Subsequently, the PR advisor coldly takes her child away from his uncle, leaving Attorney Shin frustrated.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

After a heart-to-heart with Chun-seok, where he likens his client to a “son dying in his father’s arms,” Sung-han asks a question he believes he needs an answer to. This, shockingly, is whether Yeong-gwang really is his child.

In between clips of both lawyers questioning their clients ahead of court and Dinh Thi Hoa’s private admission to Yu-seok that she doesn’t know where the real father of her child is and that she needs to “go back to Vietnam to survive,” Sung-han asks for the truth about Yeong-gwang. Then, we see Yu-seok planning to “hide” the true dad, and Chun-seok believes he’s at least the father “on paper,” so perhaps he can be part of a family.

Finally, the episode ends with Sung-han requesting a paternity test for Yeong-gwang and Dinh Thi Hoa nervously pushing for Yu-seok to get involved.

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