Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – what is Geum-hui’s evidence against Chang-jin?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: April 2, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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A decent episode that adds some interesting wrinkles for next week’s final installments.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 10, which contains spoilers.

Although not as exciting as its predecessor, episode 10 of Divorce Attorney Shin still has its fair share of quality. For example, Seo-jin (Han Hye-jin) has become a far more layered character as time passes and has really added something different to the show.

On the whole, things are looking bright for next week’s finale.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

How does Geum-hui’s divorce process unfold, and what new venture does Seo-jin embark on?

As Geum-hui’s complex divorce case begins, so does Seo-jin’s streaming career. It’s an instant success, too, with the former DJ pushing past her initial anxiety to cultivate a following of more than 20,000 subscribers, all of whom are interested in the stories she tells on-air.

However, that isn’t to say she’s entirely free from detractors.

The next day, Geum-hui discusses Sung-han’s strategy for facing off against six lawyers in her divorce suit. “I’ll do my best” is Attorney Shin’s affirmative response, which comes after some intriguing comparisons to his approach being akin to an incomplete Beethoven piece.

Elsewhere, Yeong-ju is tasked to bluntly liaise with Chang-jin’s lawyers on his behalf. If the PR advisor does a good job in this and helps the elder “get a good price” in his split from Geum-hui, she will attain Ha-yul’s share of Daenam. If things go wrong for Yeong-ju, however, Chang-jin plans to diminish her hierarchical standing.

While Sung-han methodically plots to get Geum-hui a 20% share of lucrative land in Gapyeong, once owned by her father but later taken over by Chang-jin, he realizes just how complex this lawsuit will be. After all, it’s noted his opposition is likely to use his client’s Hawaii living expenses in their defence.

At a restaurant, Geum-hui gifts Sung-han a diary containing intel on her husband’s extramarital affairs, which dates back to 1994. Explaining how she’d meet the demands of these women in a variety of ways (from purchasing cars or even houses), the elder fully details the lengths she went to to keep these people away from causing controversy.

Because of this information, Sung-han, who now feels trusted, gains confidence in winning the case.

Seo-jin’s hate comment and Hyeong-geun’s date

Despite all of her success, Seo-jin becomes deflated when reading a hate comment pertaining to how Hyeon-u will be “ashamed” of his mother’s video. Thus, the former DJ backtracks on her idea to “toughen up” for her son, believing being in the spotlight will only cause harm to the youngster (we soon see he has already read the negative comments).

In time though, Seo-jin plucks up the courage to find out who this troll is.

Staring at pictures she’s received, Yeong-ju ponders why Yu-seok had turned up to Jeong-sik’s building, unaware the crooked attorney was out looking for an office.

Concurrently, Sung-han sorts through the material Geum-hui gave him and seems to weigh up whether his client was truthful in saying she “needs the money” from this impending divorce, and that the breakup is occurring now simply because she “put it off” too long.

Getting past the awkward phase of their dating, Hyeong-geun and So-yeon go camping together. It’s a fun time for the two, yet their warm bonding is comedically interrupted by the eavesdropping

Jeong-sik and Sung-han, thanks to the former’s need for the toilet. So, all four end up spending time together, punctuating the night with humor.

Meetings with lawyers and with trolls

In negotiations with Chang-jin’s lawyers, Sung-han hands over the evidence of Geum-hui’s concealment of her husband’s affairs. “They’re her scars,” Attorney Shin says of the material, standing firm in his belief that it isn’t proof this divorce was pre-planned but rather that this highlights how dedicated his client was to cover up her partner’s mess.

Shockingly, Seo-jin discovers the online troll spamming her videos is actually a 14-year-old girl who resents the former DJ for keeping custody of Hyeon-u while her own mother abandoned her.

Ultimately, the intake coordinator opts against suing her harasser, though she does request the teenager seek help through Choi Jun.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 10 Ending Explained

That night, Gi-yeong visits his uncle’s office alone. “Attorney Shin Sung-han. Please help me too,” the young boy says before the episode ends with our titular character’s sensitive acceptance of his nephew’s tearful request.

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