Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 11 Recap – why does Geum-hui want to win her divorce suit?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: April 8, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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A strong precursor to a hopefully well-executed finale.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 11, which contains spoilers.

An excellent penultimate installment, Divorce Attorney Shin episode 11 sets the scene for the finale, focusing on Gi-yeong’s (Kim Joon-eui) struggles and Yeong-ju’s increasing delusions.

It’ll be pretty difficult for the show to avoid sticking its landing now, meaning it’s well worth getting excited about the last chapter.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

Gi-yeong’s struggles

Once finished with a revelatory flashback, which highlights that Ju-hwa was fatally blindsided by a van following an upsetting phone conversation with Yeong-ju which saw the latter intimidatingly, and somewhat threateningly, demand Gi-yeong stays out of his birth mother’s life, the episode begins.

Here, Sung-han vows to find a way to “protect” his nephew, who is becoming curious about his stepmother’s behavior and the part she might’ve played in the divorce of his real parents.

Additionally, Gi-yeong opens up that he feels he has no support now Mr. Jung, his kind-hearted driver, was fired.

After Sung-han assures Gi-yeong he’ll find a solution, but the youngster has to “stay positive” and be patient in the meantime; the pair eat together, then emotionally part ways in front of a solemn, almost defeated Jeong-guk. Later, Attorney Shin’s friends don’t provide much comfort in this tense period, despite their best efforts with sleepovers and sandwich ordering.

As Geum-hui becomes worried upon hearing Gi-yeong is developing a binge-eating issue, Choi Jun and Seo-jin head out to meet Jun-hui.

In this scene, the tragedy of the school dropout’s life, which saw her end up with both a runaway mother and an ill father, is detailed. Thus, the two legal workers agree they’ll sue to get the girl’s grandmother the child support payments Jun-hui is owed.

While Sung-han studies ways that could help him legally attain custody of Gi-yeong, Yeong-ju confronts Yu-seok over his scheming. But the attorney is smug in his response, happy to remind the PR advisor, “you gave up your morals and your life” when illegally messing with Ju-hwa’s divorce case alongside him.

Because of this, Yu-seok can boldly request his “severance pay” be a well-located shop for himself.

Sung-han drops Geum-hui’s case, Yeong-ju is put in her place, and Seo-jin gets touted for a radio return

Adamant there’s “something going on” with all the strangely moving parts, Sung-han unflinchingly informs a surprised Geum-hui he will be dropping her divorce case and that she’ll be receiving a 27% (not 50%) share of what she requested in the settlement.

Elsewhere, Jeong-sik discreetly tails Gi-yeong’s driver, and Choi Jun gets the go-ahead for his pro bono child support case.

That night, Geum-hui admits “the insecurity and hostility” in Yeong-ju’s eyes are what caused her discomfort and that the PR advisor was “beyond desperate” in her attempts to get Jeong-guk.

Then, the elder turns her attention to Gi-yeong, who she believes should live with Sung-han. As an aside, Geum-hui makes it known she overheard the phone call Yeong-ju had with Ju-hwa prior to the latter’s death.

Following discussions with her station director, it’s touted that Seo-jin could manage to get a 4 pm slot on the radio, which would mark her comeback.

Hyeon-u is jubilant at the idea of his mother returning to her previous job, too, meaning this might soon become a formality. Concurrently, Hyeong-geun’s date with So-yeon recovers from some initial awkwardness, allowing the paralegal to confirm he’s moved on from Ji-eun.

Sung-han’s increasing determination

When hearing about Gi-yeong’s escalating depression from Mr. Jung, Sung-han feels helpless, partially because he thinks nothing of only seeing the happy side of his nephew. Still, the attorney maintains his resolve to take Ju-hwa’s child away from Yeong-ju and is supported wholeheartedly by Hyeong-geun.

Next, Sung-han is called upon to retrieve Jeong-sik, who had been arrested for his tailing, from the police station. Here though, Yeong-ju uses the situation as an excuse to talk to Attorney Shin about Gi-yeong and Geum-hui’s sudden financial demands.

But Sung-han has little interest in properly engaging and instead favors discussing his adversary’s lack of a filter.

Quickly, the conversation escalates into one centered around Ju-hwa. This means Yeong-ju gets on the defensive, with the PR advisor quick to loudly exclaim it was not her fault Gi-yeong’s mother ended up dead.

In response, Sung-han silently walks away.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 11 Ending Explained

Continuing, Sung-han meets with Geum-hui and realizes she “needs” the settlement money so Yeong-ju cannot take Gi-yeong’s inheritance away first. That, and the attorney, comes to understand the elder’s desperation in winning the case, in addition to her desire to do all of this for the sake of Ju-hwa, with whom she genuinely cared and had a strong relationship.

After finishing up the candid conversation with Geum-hui, who talked through things like how she was powerless in attempting to stop Ju-hwa’s divorce, Sung-han heads to Jeong-sik and embraces his friend emotionally.

Following this, we move to the next day, when Gi-yeong officially becomes the client of his uncle.

With a shot of a shocked, annoyed Yeong-ju opposite a determined Sung-han, the episode ends.

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