Jack Ryan season 3, episode 4 recap – where does Radek take Kovac?

By Marc Miller
Published: December 21, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has one of its two hump day episodes, juggling moving chess pieces and satisfying sting operations.

We recap the Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3, episode 4, “Our Death’s Keeper,” which contains spoilers.

Luka (James Cosmo) has a meeting with the new defense minister Petrov (Alexej Manvelov). He has learned the best defense is an acute offense. So, after the last episode, where it was revealed he was the secret source behind the Sokal information being leaked to the United States, he shoots an assassin to save Jack Ryan’s (John Krasinski) life. Luka uses the cover that the blonde hitman was sent to kill him. And he also told the defense minister that Jack did not show up for the meeting.

Petrov apologizes and never knew his man was playing both sides. Luka later finds out that the Russian President’s chief of staff, Mikhail (Vytautas Kaniusonis), was spying for Petrov. Luka plays him perfectly, getting him to write down the set of names by saying his boss is giving everyone up and correct before he kills him.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3, episode 4 recap

Jack and November begin to work on a sting with a Hungarian arms dealer. The same guy who was at Kovac’s father’s hunting cabin. Real quick, something to watch for. November keeps talking about being a private agent and how you get paid and then leave. Jack even makes a joke even if he has professional ethics. My point? Could Mike November work on both sides at some point?

Speaking of playing both sides, Elizabeth doesn’t tell Miller, her boss, that Ryan was on that train. She lies to him. Why? While yes, she is acting like one of the good guys, Lizzy here loves to keep a get-out-of-jail-free card in her back pocket. She tells her boss that we can spin it later if needed and that this could give them cover to turn it as a CIA operation.

Meanwhile, Jack picks off one of Levan’s buyers and confronts him about the dangers of working with such a notorious criminal. The buyer, whose name is Ian, messages Levan that he cannot make it. Levan swears in anger, all while November is looking on. He laughs as he tells Jack he is not happy. Not happy at all.

Greer is investigating Peter, Kovac’s father, and most trusted advisor. We now know that he is working with factions to bring back the old Russia (I assume that means folding back in the Czech Republic). While going through his office at the University he teaches, he finds an old army photo. This one is interesting because it shows Radek as a soldier under Petr’s command. He then questions the President without alerting her of Petr’s involvement. (Meanwhile, I have no idea why Radek hasn’t made a move on Greer yet — he must be sweating).

When Greer questions Petr later, he pulls some information from the old man that he is not “Czech” but Russian. Petr tells how his mother immigrated with him to the neighboring country. He is an exile and never had a home to go home to.

Jack and November send in their IT guy, who puts a fake bomb in a car within a few feet of his security gate. Levan cowardly runs away, forcing his security out of his car. When he calls for an extraction team, it appears that November will double-cross him, takes the call, and tells him the safe house, but first must send 100,000 to an account. When Jack captures Levan, he pulls off the hood and breaks the news to him — he was set up. To make matters worse, the account Levan sent money to ISIS, so now his name is on every country’s watch list, including Hungary. That leaves him no choice but to cooperate, and Jack asks him where uranium is heading.


Jack calls Elizabeth and gives her the ominous news.

Ending Explained

Radek gets word from his wife that someone went through their home, and they must know. He sends his family to a safe and preplanned location. Radek then tells President Kovac that they must go because of a security breach. Radek sends the driver away and takes Kovac by himself. For some reason, she goes with him. Where does Radek take Kovac? No one knows.

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