Jack Ryan season 3, episode 5 recap – how did Petr escape?

By Marc Miller
Published: December 21, 2022 (Last updated: March 3, 2024)
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An explosive episode with a twist at every turn.

We recap the Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3, episode 5, “Druz’ya I Vragi,” which contains spoilers.

Radek (Adam Vacula) kidnaps Kovac (Nina Hoss) and calls his mentor Petr (Peter Guinness), who is sneaking around Radek’s home and sees his family is gone. Petr tells his old protege he taught him well. However, Petr insists there is no one he cannot find. So, Radek gives him his location.

Elizabeth (Betty Gabriel) shows up at Jack’s (John Krasinski) safe house in Hungary as the CIA takes Levan (Ivan Mathias Petersson) away. Elizabeth is shocked Jack is there, and he cannot believe she showed up and is alone. She wants to know if he has a plan but not the details. Jack is headed to Matoska, and his boss tells the director he still cannot locate Jack Ryan.

Meanwhile, Greer (Wendell Pierce) is attempting to track down Radek and President Kovac. He calls Petr, who is headed that way. Greer has a very frank conversation about how he used Radek’s influence. Petr tells Greer that the man has his daughter and will get her back before he kills her. Greer, though, asked a question that made my eyes widen.

Will Petr kill Kovac?

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3, episode 5 recap

Jack and November head to Makosla to seize the Sokol nuclear device. This may be pretty hard to do since it is supposed to be designed to be undetectable by radar. The team senses an acute radiation signal on the trail when they do. The group wants to leave, but Jack makes a good point. It would never just “jump” like that, and he is right! It’s a cover, so intruders stay away. As they approach the building, Luka tells the team the Americans are coming and to run. We assume he does this to clear the way for Jack and the company to retrieve Sokol.

President Kovac has been kidnapped by her head of security, Radek. And now, Petr must take action into his own hands to save his daughter’s life. Radek takes her to a location that is unclear at first. While Kovac is scared, Radek ensures her that he is her friend and she is his President. He is doing this for both of them. And he is placing her in a locked shed because of her father and her protection. This seems odd not to secure her because Kovac is now breaking boards on the floor. Meanwhile, Radek has taken the high ground with a sniper rifle, waiting for Petr to show up.

There is a flashback scene with Petr. He was gunned down for being a traitor for not wanting to kill innocent Russians. Petr falls down the stairs but is not destroyed. He escapes and makes it to a cabin in the woods. A man saves him and nurses him back to health. Later, that same man finds his Russian soldier’s uniform and clothes in the woods. Petr then stabs him to death. This brings us to an interesting question. How did Petr escape to the Czech Republic? He clearly escapes death at the hands of his own soldiers, and it appears that maybe Petr took over this man’s identity.

Speaking of showing up, an exciting story turn happens when Luka confronts Jack in the command center. He tells him they must let Sokol go because it is just a tool, “and they need to find the hand that wields it.” Jack lets him go and doesn’t tell anyone. Luka blames himself for Sokol because he didn’t stop it. Does he mean when he let the one scientist live that he found in his apartment? The one that called in sick that day? Is this the man behind Sokol? Luka escapes shortly later when Jack and his team raid the bottom floor. He leaves by truck, and the weapon is on the move. Jack then receives a message, GPS data, or both. Is Jack tracking the bomb in the truck?

Petr tricked Radek into thinking he set off a tripwire and blew himself up. When he runs to Kovac, Radek breaks the news that he is protecting her from his father. Petr then stabs him brutally from behind. Petr tells his daughter that he was the hand that got Alena elected as President. Why? To gain access. Petr tells Alena that his loyalties have never changed.

Ending Explained

Jack unlocks some code that displays plans for the terrorists to make a bomb disguised as American-made. So, the United States will be blamed for the outcome when Sokol goes off.

This episode leaves us with two burning questions. Is Jack still working with Luka to track the ‘”hand” behind Sokol? Is that man Petr?

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