Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained

By Nathan Sartain
Published: April 9, 2023 (Last updated: May 11, 2024)
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A well-crafted finale wraps up an excellent series.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 12, which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

Although slightly overlong, the finale of Divorce Attorney Shin did deliver. Both grounded and resonant, it was a chapter that neatly concluded proceedings and gave every character a fitting ending.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Geum-hui’s changing mind, and Choi Jun’s protest

When Sung-han succeeds in getting Chang-jin’s divorce called off (so long as Geum-hui still “receives her share”), the focus firmly shifts to the upcoming custody battle for Gi-yeong.

Concurrently, Hyeon-u vows to support his mother whether she returns to radio or opts to stay working for Attorney Shin. Additionally, Yu-seok gets the deed for his cafe and a warning to stay away from Yeong-ju going forward to avoid repercussions.

While Geum-hui suddenly decides she actually will divorce her money-obsessed husband due to how he’s conducting himself regarding Gi-yeong, Choi Jun takes a different approach to Jun-hui’s case. He directly confronts the girl’s parents, not just about the child support but their corn sujebi recipe theft, as well as his intention to hold a protest regarding it.

Gi-yeong’s custody battle

At court, Sung-han confirms he wants Jeong-guk’s parental rights taken away because of the father’s “indifference” in failing to notice Gi-yeong’s depression (which spawned out of his separation from Ju-hwa, amongst other things), then brings in Mr. Jung as a witness to discuss things like the young boy’s binge-eating.

Still, it’s an uphill battle in some respects for Attorney Shin, who has to compete with testimonies from the likes of his nephew’s new driver, who is more inclined to side with Yeong-ju given the PR director afforded her the “welcome gift” of a flashy car.

Next, it’s Yu-seok’s turn to be a witness. This allows Sung-han to rip into the crooked attorney, exposing the “suspicious” nature of everything from his unwarranted severance pay reward of a café franchise unaffiliated with Keumhwa to his dubious appointment at the firm in the first place when he’d only just lost Ju-hwa’s divorce lawsuit.

Unfortunately, though, Yu-seok wriggles out of scrutiny by standing firm in blunt dishonesty.

As Choi Jun celebrates managing to successfully get Jun-hui’s mother to pay child support through threatening action over the corn sujebi recipe, Yu-seok meets with Jeong-sik.

Here, the realtor fails to convince the crooked attorney to testify that he leaked Ju-hwa’s medical information, despite the fact he offered enough money (obtained by selling his car) to cover any fine the soon-to-be café owner would subsequently have to pay.

Seo-jin gets ready for a radio return, and Sung-han gets firm with Jeong-guk

After an emotional, tear-filled night with his friends, Sung-han tensely talks with Jeong-guk. The two both lay claim to their want of Gi-yeong’s custody, but the attorney is particularly desperate to “save” his nephew. Meanwhile, a flustered Hyeong-geun receives an offer to travel to Europe with So-yeon, who is closing down her ramen shop.

That night, a weeping Ho-yeong gets Sung-han’s blessing for Seo-jin’s radio return. Soon, the attorney gives his well-wishes directly to the DJ, too, following a live stream where she had humorously stood up to an online troll. “That’s where you belong,” Sung-han warmly says of Seo-jin in a radio booth, all but confirming she will get the confidence to accept the offer given to her for the 4 pm slot.

Sung-han gets custody of Gi-yeong

Back in court, Sung-han questions whether Gi-yeong receives enough “love and support” from living with his father and Yeong-ju, believing it’s not just enough to feed, clothe and educate a child. That, and Attorney Shin wants his nephew’s opinion to be valid, knowing the youngster is eager to leave his current house.

Suddenly, Jeong-guk agrees to be questioned, with an arriving Geum-hui watching on. This means the truth about the underhanded way Ju-hwa’s US medical records were obtained (as well as Yu-seok’s involvement) is laid bare, which in turn permits Sung-han to drive home the point about whether Gi-yeong is in a “suitable environment” given what his father did for initial custody.

Taking all of this into consideration, the court decides to appoint Sung-han as Gi-yeong’s legal guardian.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Ending Explained

As Hyeong-geun agrees to travel to Europe alongside So-yeon, Sung-han soaks in his new life with Gi-yeong, and prepares for Geum-hui’s upcoming divorce suit.

Elsewhere, Jeong-guk suggests he and Yeong-ju “live with the consequences of our wrongdoing” and go about their business modestly from now on. That message doesn’t quite extend to Yu-seok, though, given he throws a public strop at not being given a café after all.

While Seo-jin’s prosperous radio return allows her to settle into a comfortable groove, a reflective Sung-han drinks wine outside with his friends. Then, with their lighthearted confessions of love for each other, the episode, and series, ends.

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