Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 1 Recap — why does John kidnap Edward Homm?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 26, 2023 (Last updated: April 29, 2023)
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Rabbit Hole gets off to a blazing, frenetic start.

We recap the Paramount+ series Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 1, which contains spoilers.

The Paramount+ series Rabbit Hole stars Kiefer Sutherland as John Weir. The series gets off to a blazing and furious start. There are plenty of twists and turns.

Sutherland’s character is a private espionage operative for hire. He is working with his team to con a man to sell off his stock in a pharmaceutical company selling Espra, a male erectile dysfunction drug. To do this, John feeds in a fake news report at the bar that the drug causes cancer.

Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

John Weir’s target was the belligerent yuppy Barry Merrill, who demanded he changes the channel of the soccer game Weir was watching. John paid the bartender a couple hundred to change the channel to a premade taped network report.

The reporter telling the story is a Weir employee. The mark/man who sold his stock saw an employee from the “Fed” talking to a beautiful redhead, another Weir plant.

The woman goes back to sit at her table with another Weir employee. She tells him Espra causes cancer and hears it from a good source. Weir signals his IT guy at the bar to send Barry a text confirming the issue with Espra.

This triggered a massive selloff of the product and even started a shutdown of trading in Tokyo. As a result, a company Weir represents picked up all the stock at a discount.

Who is Hailey Winton?

Hailey Winton is a woman John Weir meets at the bar the same night. Hailey is an animal rights activist lawyer who first worked with John. They go to bed together that night. After John offers her coffee, he shakes a clock radio and finds a camera inside.

John accuses Hailey of being pressured to be put on tape having sex with a woman, an FBI agent named Madi. Hailey claims she is oblivious to his accusations. He leaves and runs into Madi a few moments later.

When he mentioned a nice try with the woman last night, Madi genuinely looked like she had no idea what John was talking about.

John has taken a client, Arda Analytics, run by his best friend, Valance. They have had a falling out, but he wants him to do something for him. Create a narrative that the Baromar Group company is in bed with the Treasury Department.

This benefits a company called Luxbrandt from attacks from the Baromar Group. If all goes to plan, Weir and Arda Analytics will split 3% of the sale price, which John estimates is around 20 billion dollars.

To do this, they must get a hew innocent photos of the president of Baromar with the Treasury investigator, which they do in front of a hotel set up by Weir.

John has his team look up Hailey. They confirm where she works, but her lifestyle seems too rich for her job. John says his bullshit meter is up.

He confronts Hailey again in the street outside her office. Hailey is frightened of him and warns John she knows krav maga.

He wants to know who she works for, and she exclaims how she hates dating apps. John doesn’t know what she is talking about, so Madi pulls up his phone and shows him a picture. It’s of John on a dating app.

Hailey saw him that night and knew he was single from the app, which is a coincidence.

Why was John Weir Framed?

We soon find out John Weir is framed for the treasury agent’s death, but we don’t know why. While showing John her phone, he sees Hailey frozen with fear looking at the sky. John turns around, and a giant picture of him is up in Times Square, claiming he is the murder suspect of Edward Homm, the Treasury Agent.

John manages to outrun a police officer on a horse after Hailey chops him hilariously in the neck. He heads back to the office, only to see an older man turn the corner around the building, and the top floor of the building blows up while he is walking on the street. Hafiz and Manfred are killed.

Why does Valence kill himself?

We don’t know why Valence kills himself by jumping off the balcony on the top floor of his Arda Analytics building. After John confronts him at his office, in no specific words, Valence tells him to be quiet because of the cameras. John tries to ask questions, but all he says is, “The plan is the plan.”

He looks at his computer and gets a phone call. He tells John he has to take it and goes out on the balcony. At this time, John looks at his computer, and a direct message from someone called ANON-01 tells Valence to “DO IT. NOW!” That’s when John looks out at his friend, and we know the rest.

Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 1 Ending Explained

Why does John kidnap Edward Homm?

We don’t know why John kidnaps Edward Homm yet, but we know he didn’t kill him because he was bound up in a basement. John escapes from the office building and drives to an abandoned home in the country.

He walks down the stairs to the basement. Sitting on a chair, tied up and gagged, is Edward Homm, the supposedly dead Treasury agent. He is alive.

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