Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – why does Eliza kill Senator Evers?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 23, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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This is the best episode of Rabbit Hole yet!

We recap the Paramount+ series Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 6, “The Playbook,” which contains spoilers.

The highly entertaining Rabbit Hole episode “The Playbook” begins with a young Ben breaking down leaders and reprogramming them to control their actions in third-world countries.

His colleague then questions why they work for the government if they can sell their skill set to the highest bidder.

This scene begs the question — could this man be Crowley (Mark Winnick)?

Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

John is having paranoid delusions and flashbacks about his team being murdered. The problem is that he’s seeing his father, Ben, pulling the trigger, not the infamous intern. John now has reservations about letting his father continue to be part of the team.

They plan to confront Senator Evers, who wants to introduce a controversial data mining proposal, a law that will undercut citizens’ privacy.

What does Senator Evers tell John?

Ben tricked Senator Evers into entering a limousine, with John in the back and Edward driving. John reveals that he knows Crowley is funding her campaign but won’t release damning information to the press if she gives them Crowley.

Evers refuses, as Crowley has something worse on her than John could do to her. However, John offers to help retrieve Evers’ briefcase full of incriminating information in exchange for her assistance.

Evers initially denies being able to identify Crowley but eventually recalls some details that suggest he may be near 1550 Gerard with the help of Edward. This is a location where wealthy individuals use an ultra-exclusive and secret depository for shady financial dealings.

Who is Kyle?

Finally, we learn that Kyle is the name of the infamous intern that killed John’s team and is the mole for Crowley. We learn his name because his girlfriend calls it out after a night out of protest, begging Kyle not to leave her.

It appears Kyle realizes he must finally end this. He brandishes his gun, and we think he must kill Crowley.

What does John want from Hailey?

John needs to borrow $20 million from Hailey’s stolen money to appear legitimate. The Senator has lent John her head of detail to escort him into the secure high-tech facility. If John doesn’t follow the facility’s escort path exactly the security system will lock them in instantly. 

They secure a box next to 844 containing information on Senator Evers, requiring two keys. Evers’ detail holds one key while the employee turns the other simultaneously. John takes a picture of it to create a duplicate. Later, John will use the copied master key to pick the lock of 844.

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The plan works. John and his detail go in first, and Hailey follows a few minutes behind. She has a pen with one click that sets off an alarm, which she does three times.

This happens while John is in the vault with an escort and Evers’ head of security, who pretends to have PTSD triggered by the security system. While the employee tries to calm him down, John can get into box 844 and switch the briefcases.

However, when they leave, he leaves the master key behind still in the hole. Hailey continues forward, tossing her pen on the floor, which causes the system to go off again. This distracts her escort enough for Hailey to grab the key.

As John leaves shortly after, a man with a gun steals the briefcase back from John. It appears Evers has double-crossed him. Little did she know John put Evers’s briefcase inside his own security box before leaving.

Now, the Evers have no choice but to cooperate, which she agrees to, but after a rally to kick off her presidential campaign.

Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Why does Eliza kill Senator Evers?

Crowley had Kyle “program” Eliza to assassinate Senator Evers at a campaign rally. A Crowley assassin kills Evers’ head of security to make sure Eliza gets away. Kyle later kills Eliza, telling her she is his target because of her political stance and mental health disorders. He even comments that he had been switching out her medication for months.

Kyle tosses her over a bridge to make it look like she killed herself. We then see a man who we think is Crowley entering a business called Arda Analytics, an Intaverse Media Company.

After contemplating what just happened, Ben thinks back to the first scene in the episode, indicating that his partner was, in fact, Crowley.

Then, the episode ends with John receiving a reply on Magic Squares from “Eye-See-You4728,” who we have assumed was Valence and confirmed by Ben. The message says, “I’m sorry, John. I had to make it look real. Are you there?”

Is Valence alive, or is this Crowley pushing John down the Rabbit Hole?

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