Where is Ivié DeMolina now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: March 26, 2023
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Where is Ivié DeMolina now? We discuss the horrifying crimes of the ex-sex worker and robber, her conviction, and where she is now.

It’s that not a month goes by without a true crime documentary series appearing on our streaming platforms. The audience for true crime is loyal, and unfortunately, there does not seem to be any sign of the content drying up.

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This show features Bryanna and her class of graduate students reinvestigating horrific cases and deconstructing them to find out what the motivation and extenuating circumstances around the case involved.

This added professional insight would make this a must-view for those with a somewhat morbid curiosity about the subject. One episode covers the shocking tale of one such killer.

Who is Ivié DeMolina?

Ivié DeMolina came from Puerto Rican roots and was determined to gain a better life for herself. Interested in fashion, she had initially looked at opening her fashion outlet.

Ivié was also intrigued by the music industry and wanted to sing professionally. In the meantime, she became employed by a stockbroker on Wall Street. With all these various career choices, it seems bizarre that Ivié would choose to become a sex worker involved in a criminal gang, a choice that would lead to her downward spiral into robbery and murder.

What did Ivié DeMolina do?

Ivié DeMolina, in her twenties, would become a sex worker and dominatrix. Through this line of work, in 1994, a plan would be formulated with her accomplices.

A date with a client in New Jersey would be set up, and once their target arrived, her collaborators would then restrain and rob him. The same crime would also be allegedly carried out the following night with a victim named James Polities. That victim would later be found dead.

A similar event would occur three days later, this time in Long Island. Joseph Fiammetta would be found dead from stab wounds in his apartment.

It would be in 1996 that Ivié DeMolina was convicted of second-degree murder in New York in association with Joseph Fiammetta’s murder, robbery, and burglary. After this conviction, she would also be prosecuted for the murder of Joseph Polities.

Where is Ivié DeMolina now?

Ivié DeMolina is serving her sentence at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York. After her initial sentencing of twenty-five years to life, she would receive a further sentence of thirty years.

Ivie would initially plead not guilty to the crimes. In a coda to this sordid story, about 26 years into her sentence, Ivié would become involved in a pen pal program for prisoners.

Through this, she would begin a relationship with Stefan, a Canadian man who would exchange letters with Ivie. As their relationship continued, the two would be allowed to meet, and Stefan would propose and eventually marry Ivié.

The couple would even be allowed a honeymoon in a trailer on the prison grounds. A book was written by the convicted murderer entitled  25 to Love: A True Pen-Pal Fairytale, which was published in March 2017.

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