10 Anime Shows like Buddy Daddies you must watch

By Nubia Brice
Published: March 27, 2023 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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We discuss 10 Anime Shows like Buddy Daddies you must watch. Add these recommended Anime series to your watch list.

While the Winter 2023 anime season has been stacked with plenty of great shows, one of the best breakout hits has been Buddy Daddies. In this original series, assassins Kazuki and Rei end up taking in a young girl named Miri after killing her father on a mission.

With little to no childrearing experience, this is one of their most demanding tasks yet. However, each week, the pair seem to get a little better at figuring out the needs of a four-year-old in some of the most hilarious ways possible.

While it’s not always realistic, this series is always entertaining, mixing light-hearted family fun with serious action to craft the perfect found family anime. If you enjoy Buddy Daddies, here are 10 more anime series just like it you’ll enjoy.

10 Anime Shows like Buddy Daddies you must watch

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting (2022)

This story follows Kirishima Tooru, a Yakuza member who’s just been assigned to babysit the boss’ daughter. It’s a surprisingly heartfelt series that will also have you laughing out loud at the scenarios the characters wind up in. Like Buddy Daddies, it’s perfect for anyone who likes their crime with a side of cuteness.

Spy x Family (2022)

Arguably the closest series on the list, this show was one of the most popular anime of 2022. In it, Loid Forger, a dedicated spy, must assemble a fake family to infiltrate a prestigious prep school. What he doesn’t realize is his new daughter is a psychic, and his new wife is an assassin for hire.

If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord (2019)

Although this series is more fantasy and adventure than organized crime, like Buddy Daddies, it’s about a father raising their daughter. Dale and Kazuki are in similar situations, adopting young children they found while working. In Dale’s case, however, his new daughter Latina comes with plenty of mysteries that he’ll have to figure out along the way.

School Babysitters (2018)

If your favorite episode was the one where Miri’s class went to the Zoo, this series is perfect for you. It focuses on the adventures of a preschool-age toddler named Kotarou, and his older brother Ryuuichi, who works at the preschool after class. Although there’s no action or assassins, it’s hilarious, and its portrayal of school-age children feels very spot-on. 

Sweetness & Lightning (2016)

Kouhei Inuzuka is a single father, raising his daughter, Tsumugi, after his wife passes. He struggles with things like cooking at first, like Rei did the first time he had to watch Miri alone but figures it out along the way with the help of his student, Kotori Ilda. This cute, found family trio is reminiscent of the characters from Buddy Daddies but with a much more realistic slice-of-life plot.

Somali and the Forest Spirit (2020)

If crime stories aren’t exactly your thing, but you still like the idea of a family-oriented show, Somali and The Forest Spirit is a supernatural fantasy that follows a similar dynamic with new twists. In it, Golem, a forest guardian, finds a young human girl in a world where humans are all but extinct and takes her in despite knowing he has limited time left. It’s a unique series with compelling characters and beautiful designs that stick with viewers even after it’s over. 

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: Unlimited (2020)

Watching Kazuki and Rei struggle to parent is so hilarious at times; it can be easy to forget both men are trained assassins. If you’re mainly watching Buddy Daddies see two partners frequently stuck in dangerous scenarios, Millionaire Detective is perfect for you. It centers around two partner detectives, one practical and one so rich he’s basically clueless about everything that doesn’t involve excelling at work. It’s what fans can imagine Kazuki and Rei were like before Miri.

Michiko & Hatchin (2008)

If you’re looking for something similar but with an edgier feel, consider Machiko and Hatchin. It follows a criminal named Michiko who takes in a young girl named Hatchin and saves her from abusive parents. Like with most escaped convicts who take in children, it seems like a bad idea, but you can’t help but root for the pair anyway. Not only does this series deliver on the action, but it is often hailed for diverse character designs, especially in its depiction of people of color. 

Lycoris Recoil (2022)

In the “Lycoris Program,” young orphan girls are raised to be top-notch assassins. They have all the knowledge and skills of professional killers twice their age while maintaining a school and social life. While this series may not revolve around single parents, it still has the found family and dynamic duo tropes seen in Buddy Daddies. Fans looking for more focus on action and associations will like this new take on the genre. 

Great Pretender (2020)

This series follows Makoto “Edamame” Edamura, a petty criminal and scammer who finds his world turned upside down when he’s tricked by a fellow conman, Laurent Thierry. The two soon begin working together, committing fraud and other crimes with extremely high stakes. Overall it’s a surprisingly funny series that manages to make you side with the “bad guys.”

Do you have any other recommendations for Anime Shows like Buddy Daddies? Let us know in the comments below.

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