Great Expectations Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – what does Pip’s letter to Estella reveal?

By Ricky Valero
Published: April 2, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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This series gets better and better.

We recap the FX on Hulu series Great Expectations (2023) Season 1 Episode 3, which contains spoilers.

The two-episode premiere of Great Expectations sets the tone for what we expect from the series. We saw the relationship between Pip (Fionn Whitehead), Miss Havisham (Olivia Colman), and Estella (Shalom Brune-Franklin) grow, but at the end of Episode 2, it all fell apart. What’s next for Pip, and what does Jaggers (Ashley Thomas) want to do with him?

Great Expectations Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The episode starts with Estella on the hunt for Pip, who is passed out at the bar. Jaggers pours a bucket of cold water all over Pip, which initially freaks out at the jester.

Pip begins questioning Jaggers’s intentions and pulls a knife on him, but Jaggers quickly gets the best of him. Jaggers says to sit down if he wants five thousand pounds, a position in his practice, and the heart of the girl he loves.

Jaggers explains that he either comes with him now or has to give him back the check.

After agreeing to go with him, he finds a note on his horse that says, “Turn around, Pip, do not go with him.” However, Pip joins him on the ride, and Jaggers begins to give him a lay of the land.

As they go through the city, we notice that Jaggers has a lot of control, with workers everywhere doing their part.

Who dies in Great Expectations Episode 3?

As Jaggers and Pip enter the chief justice’s chamber, we see him hanging from the ceiling.

Because of the setting’s politics, Jaggers needs paperwork signing to help his clients, so he forged the chief justice’s signature but needs Pip to sign it as a witness. A few men approach Jaggers and Pip, begging for money, and as the two head inside, Pip asks Jaggers for some of his money to give to them.

However, Jaggers isn’t fond of the idea and starts cutting bits of the check he gave him, but Pip begs him to stop. He makes Pip understand that this isn’t the way to get what he wants.

Wemmick is responsible for getting Pip settled into his new living quarters. It’s also where we see the grown-up Herbert (he was the boy that fought with Pip over Estella), who made him breakfast.

Then, Wemmick agrees to help Pip by doing all his work for him so that he can rest while Jaggers is gone.

We see Mr. Pumblechuck transporting some individuals when a man with a mask appears, telling them to stop. Quickly, Mr. Pumblechuck recognizes the voice and knows that it is Magwitch.

Magwitch tells him he is there for one reason: to kill him. This leads the duo to battle each other, and as Magwitch gets the best of Mr. Pumblechuck, one of the men on the carriage shoots at Magwitch, causing him to flee.

What does Pip’s letter to Estella reveal?

We see Estella reading the letter to Miss Havisham and talking about all Pip is learning to do in London. However, she pauses momentarily when she reads, “Pip found out from Wemmick that Estella is about to get married.” The news shocks Estella because Miss Havisham hasn’t told her that she is about to get married.

After finding out about the marriage, Estella is furious at Miss Havisham, but Miss Havisham tells her that she did this all for her and she wouldn’t be where she is now if it wasn’t for her.

Next, we see Jaggers discussing loaning Pip to Drummle. After Pip arrives, the three of them sit down, and Pip reports everything he learned about the ships from the captain.

Within that moment, Pip discovers that the man sitting in front of him is the man Estella intends to marry.

Great Expectations Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Pip didn’t understand why Jaggers wanted him to meet Drummle. But then, he realizes that Jaggers is trying to pull one over on Drummle, which would help him possibly free Estella from marrying him.

It would be a beneficial partnership for both men. Finally, Pip says he wants to go home and consider his agreement. Before he goes, Jaggers says he knows he has a partner if he sees him at the exchange tomorrow.

Upon returning home, Herbert tells him that Estella is on her way to London to marry and wonders which of them two she will marry.

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