The Signing Season 1 Review – An Intimate Exploration of How to Become a Well-Rounded Artist

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: April 4, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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The Signing Season 1 Review
The Signing Season 1 (Credit - Netflix)


An intimate exploration of how to become a well-rounded artist who’s grounded in their true self.

In the Netflix reality series The Signing, created by Lex Borrerro, a group of 12 contestants move into a mansion with only ten beds. To stay in the house and compete, they need to win over the judges while performing at Miami’s hottest clubs.

This is different from other vocal reality series because Borerro wants his artists to connect with the people in a very loud and excitable environment. That’s where people can truly come out of their shells and surprise you. So, it does have a unique spin that people can enjoy. Moreover, tensions do rise because they all live in the house together. So it’s a mixture of high-level emotions about one another and about the competition itself.

The concept for The Signing works well because they have these contestants perform with a live crowd early on to see if they have a stage presence. It’s also a more intimate setting so that these artists can connect with the people around them. Having a large crowd isn’t everything, and this series shows the intimate moments between everyone.

The other reason it’s good is that these artists have to prove that they are strong songwriters and performers simultaneously. Borerro makes it a point to have a balanced, well-rounded artist, and the judges do teach them what each contestant needs to work on.

The Signing (Credit – Netflix)

The Signing is worth watching because it adds another layer to their performances. The judges focus on different things and give them the advice they need. It’s like they really tailor their advice to each artist and genuinely help them. That’s what differentiates this series from other vocal competition series.

Sometimes, as judges, they judge and don’t give constructive criticism, which doesn’t help them in the end. The intimate setting combined with a documentary style showing the backstory of these contestants sets this apart from other reality series.

It explores the different ways to become an artist and how to ground yourself in your identity so that the music flowing out of you is just an extension of who you are.

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