Rekha Ending Explained – why did Arjun kill Rekha’s father?

By Lori Meek
Published: April 14, 2023

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Rekha which will contain spoilers.

During the first half of Rekha, it is easy to forget you’re watching a thriller, as the vibe is more in the romance genre. The titular heroine (Vincy Aloshious) is an atypical teenager who lives with her parents.

She’s pursuing an education in sports and hates household chores but is very close to her kind and permissive father. Like many teenagers, Rekha is in the early stages of a relationship with the local shopkeeper’s unemployed son, Arjun (Unni Lalu). 

Arjun is older yet insists he’s madly in love. He’s also a bit too handsy and demanding when it comes to asking Rekha for physical affection. One night, he sneaks into her room and coerces the young woman to sleep with him.

The very next day, she realizes that she’s made a terrible mistake when her beloved father is found dead on the porch, and her new lover is nowhere to be seen. 

During their night together, Arjun confessed to having killed Rekha’s dog because it kept barking at him.

While all her neighbors and the authorities were quick to dismiss her father’s death as a heart attack, the young woman is left wondering if her boyfriend could have committed murder just to have sex with her.

Rekha Ending Explained

While asking around the village about Arjun’s whereabouts, Rekha learns that he moved to the city of Ernakulam to find work with his uncle Kannan (Prathapan K.S.).

She follows him and tracks down Kannan, who pretends to want to help her but instead tries to assault her. Unfortunately for him, Kannan underestimated Rekha’s strength, and she overpowers him and beats him to a pulp with a saucepan. 

When she finally comes face to face with Arjun, he flat-out denies hurting her dad. Strangely, she seems to accept his explanation and walks away. 

Why did Arjun move away?

During Rekha’s investigation, we learn more about Arjun’s character; He didn’t just leave the village to ghost our protagonist, but he was also running away from a scandal. As it turns out, Arjun was having an affair with the village teacher, and when her husband found out, she took her own life because of the shame. 

Rekha continues stalking her former lover until she calls him and promises to leave the city if he agrees to meet her one last time. Reluctantly he agrees to set up a meeting with her but also brings a knife with him. 

As soon as the two faces each other, Rekha again asks Arjun about her father’s fate, and he denies involvement. She follows him around the city for a while before the two eventually get into a physical fight. At first, it seems like Arjun is about to smother the poor girl to death, but she manages to get the upper hand and ends his life by stabbing him in the groin. 

How did Rekha’s father die?

Flashbacks show that on the night Arjun forcibly seduced Rekha, he was caught sneaking inside her house by her dad, who was sleeping on the porch. During the struggle, Arjun killed the older man by smothering him. Even more disturbing, after murdering her dad, he went into Rekha’s room and took advantage of her. 

The movie ends with Rekha back home being questioned by police. We learn that authorities are looking for Arjun because of his connection to the school teacher’s death. Unsurprisingly, Rekha feigns ignorance and pretends she had little more than a fleeting affair with the wanted man. 

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