Queenmaker Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – What happens to Do-hee’s father?

April 15, 2023
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The Eunsung Group go despicably far in an episode that deals major blows to both Do-hee and Kyung-sook.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama Queenmaker Season 1 Episode 6 contains spoilers.

Once again, Queenmaker picks up where it left off at the end of the previous episode, with Do-hee and Chairperson Son face to face for a conversation absolutely leaden with foreshadowing and foreboding.

Son, it’s worth mentioning, is a fascinating villain. It’s rare to see a woman, much less a slightly older woman, be given this much freedom to be truly despicable, and you see it not just in her interactions with her outright enemies, like Do-hee, but also with her own family, like Chae-ryoung, whose mental issues are getting more understandable by the episode.

It’s also clear that Do-hee is a match for her and needs to be taken off the board – by any means necessary.

Queenmaker Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

How does Min-jung try to regain support?

Min-jung, recognizing she’s losing the race, begins to exploit her own daughter in order to court public sympathy and support, presenting her as a victim of bullying.

Min-jung is another fascinating figure in this show, a great depiction of a career politician for whom maintaining station supersedes everything, even her own family. She’s ruthless, ambitious, and experienced enough that she can present one face to the public while wearing a completely different one in private, but she lacks the skills of someone like Do-hee, the authenticity of someone like Kyung-sook, and the resources of someone like Jae-min and Yoon.

Given the circumstances, it’s the latter she ends up getting into bed with.

The outcome is a smear campaign accusing Kyung-sook of spending public money on expensive beef and other such nonessentials, creating a media furor. It’s all nonsense, and in clear violation of election rules, but it nonetheless has to be carefully managed, which leaves Do-hee in plate-spinning mode.

What happens to Do-hee’s father?

Once again, it’s Do-hee’s ailing father who ends up being used as a pawn when Yoon’s goons kidnap him and drop him off in the middle of nowhere.

With Do-hee occupied by finding her father, who ends up staggering into the path of an oncoming truck, Kyung-sook is left to fend for herself in a press conference that nobody shows up to, while Min-jung publicly slanders her over her financial mismanagement to a baying crowd.

Kyung-sook quickly begins to lose crucial support from activist and civic groups, and unless her team can prove that Min-jung’s star “witness” was coerced, she’s faced with the very real prospect of having to withdraw from the race – something she’s adamant about not doing.

Queenmaker Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Do-hee’s father doesn’t make it. Son even rubs salt in the wound by sending flowers over to his funeral.

Curiously, though, Yoon is also present, claiming to be an old friend of Do-hee’s father. He brings his own flowers and offers some cryptic statements about revenge that ultimately tip Do-hee off about her father’s death having been engineered by Son and Yoon.

There will be hell to pay for this, obviously, and since her father was the primary thing Son could threaten her with, it seems like Do-hee will finally be completely off the leash. However, there’s a good chance her desire for revenge won’t necessarily mesh with Kyung-sook’s principled political stance. Will the two still be able to work together toward a common goal, or will the ends start to fray?

You can stream Queenmaker Season 1 Episode 6 exclusively on Netflix.

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