Where was The Last Thing He Told Me filmed? Explained

April 15, 2023
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Where was The Last Thing He Told Me filmed? We discuss the Apple TV+ series and its filming locations. We do not discuss spoilers.

Since Reese Witherspoon started her book club, ‘Reese’s Book Club,’ she has been producing adaptations with her production company, Hello Sunshine, for the books she recommends. In the last couple of years, Witherspoon has brought female-centric stories to the forefront to make some great television programming.

The Last Thing He Told Me is adapted from Laura Dave’s novel. The story is about a man named Owen Michaels who disappears from his family home. Before he does vanish, he managed to get a note to his wife, Hannah Hall, with the words, “Protect her.”

Hannah doesn’t have the best connection with her stepdaughter, but she tries her best to support her and be there for her during this time.

While Hannah reaches out to Owen and tries to find a way to find him by herself, the FBI arrests Owen’s boss, and they even arrive at her home unannounced.

In this whirlwind turn of events, Hannah finds out who she married and quickly uncovers the truth about her husband. Amid this mystery thriller, Hannah and her stepdaughter Bailey are forced to build this new life while figuring out what happened with Owen.

This series shows a different side of California and a different side of Jennifer Garner that we’ve missed since Alias. 

If you’re looking for a new mystery to dive into, then The Last Thing He Told Me on Apple TV Plus is right up your alley.

Where was The Last Thing He Told Me filmed – a breakdown of locations

The Last Thing He Told Me was filmed in two separate locations. One to authentically get the essence of the book and where Laura Dave originally set her characters and the other because they needed a big campus.

The floating homes in California are probably the most interesting draw because it’s so different than what people see on screen. It’s always nice for creators to show living situations on a smaller scope to see how different neighborhoods operate around the United States.

Sausalito, California 

The majority of the shooting was done at a floating home in Sausalito, California, because that is where Laura Dave wanted to write about her characters. Since many things happen in and around that home, that’s where most of the production is set-based. California is a beautiful place to shoot anything, but the heat can definitely get to the crew, even in Austin.

Austin, Texas 

They shot in Austin, Texas, at the University of Texas at Austin for some campus scenes. There was a homey feel to the campus, which contrasts the destruction that happened at their Sausalito home in California. The cast and crew also filmed around Lady Bird Lake and Butterfly Bridge in Austin.

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