Is Vishwesh Mathur from Rocket Boys based on a Real Scientist? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 17, 2023 (Last updated: March 13, 2024)
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We discuss whether or not Vishwesh Mathur from The Rocket Boys is based on a Real Scientist and contains major spoilers for the show.

Sony LIV’s Rocket Boys is an Indian TV series that follows the inspiring saga of two of India’s most prominent scientists. Homi J. Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai are two astonishing scientific investigators involved in India’s first nuclear and space research programs.

The show explores the story behind Bhabha and Vikram’s efforts to change the course of India’s scientific realm.

The show also focuses on an extraordinary character who plays a vital role in the two scientists’ lives. This scientifically aligned feature will answer the question many viewers are asking: is Vishwesh Mathur from Rocket Boys based on a real scientist?

Is Vishwesh Mathur in Rocket Boys real?

Prepare yourself for a twist. Vishwesh Mathur is not a real scientist in real life and was created for dramatic effect for the production of the show. Although the show portrays an incredible true story, several fictional characters and storylines are incorporated into the real-life story of Bhabha and Sarabhai. Vishwesh Mathur is apparently one of them.

The character plays a significant part in the narrative and was created purely to drive a more dramatic narrative forward.

Mathur is most probably based upon the theory of the CIA’s alleged involvement in Homi Bhabha’s ambiguous death.

Who is scientist Vishnesh Mathur?

Mathur’s character seems to have been created to explore the possibility of the CIA being involved in a plan to bring down Bhabha, leading to Mathur becoming the Chairman of the Trombay Nuclear Research Centre.

The writers may have created this character to push forward an alleged plot to kill Bhabba, and the character acts as a cipher for the behind-the-scenes backstabbing and conspiracy that seemed to surround the activities of the scientists.

How much of Rocket Boys is true?

The show presents a lot of the real-life work of the scientists involved and uses dramatic effects to make the show entertaining as well. The relationship between the two men and much of their private and personal lives is accurate, as is the incredible pioneering work that they have done.

Certain aspects of the story would be dramatized, and some creative license would be used in the more espionage-laden plot lines, but it seems that most of the story was taken directly from the lives of the characters portrayed.

What happened to the real Rocket Boys?

Sadly Homi J. Bhabha would die in a plane crash. The flight, in 1966, was taking him to Vienna for a meeting on atomic energy. Despite the official explanation for the crash, rumors hinted at other more conspiratorial reasons. A cardiac arrest would end the life of Vikram Sarabhai in 1971.

Despite having no history of ill health, the pioneer of science would die in the Halcyon Castle Hotel in Kerala, India.

You can watch The Rocket Boys with a subscription to Sony LIV.

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