Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Review – A very blunt and in-depth look at the current dating climate

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: April 21, 2023 (Last updated: March 13, 2024)
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Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Review - A very blunt and in-depth look at the current dating climate


A refreshing inside look at women fighting for the love that they deserve with Indian matchmaker Sima Tapria being the voice of reason.

This review of the Netflix series Indian Matchmaking Season 3 does not contain spoilers.

The current dating climate with apps isn’t the greatest. It has become exhausting and more difficult. Even though it is so straining, people still go on those apps and swipe away. More importantly, there’s no wrong way of doing it, it’s just dealing with different people every single day.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 review and plot summary

In Indian Matchmaking Season 3, there are cast members at different stages of their lives that do want a genuine love match within their community. Going through break-ups or divorces can definitely turn people off from dating again, but it’s so important to put yourself out there.

The people who have come on this show have opened their heart and their minds to actually find love. They all have their stories and they all have certain criteria as to what they would like in a future partner.

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There is a matchmaker named Sima Taparia who guides clients in the U.S. and India in the arranged marriage process, offering an inside look at the custom in the modern era.

Is Indian Matchmaking Season 3 good or bad?

For those who have struggled in the dating world watching this show can somehow feel cathartic. The one thing that separates this reality dating show is that everyone is so honest with what they want. They aren’t afraid to speak out and Taparia is this authoritative but helpful voice to guide everyone.

It’s a very refreshing dating series that doesn’t have poor editing to make people look bad. It’s candid and does explore every avenue of relationships with each person. The older you get, the less you tolerate and that’s what this shows. It’s important to look for what you want instead of going for the bare minimum.

This series has a voice like Taparia in the background giving a slight nudge to certain cast members which makes it more grounded and not “drama” driven. Of course, reality shows all come with certain issues but this one is more geared towards Taparia setting everyone straight in their love matches.

Is Indian Matchmaking Season 3 worth watching?

If you have been watching Indian Matchmaking since the beginning then this is definitely a strong season to add to the rest of the series. The women they have chosen to go through with the matchmaking are all confident and know how to love themselves which is empowering itself.

It’s so nice to see a female-focused reality show with them searching for what they want. It feels as if people can take notes when watching this series to better understand how to approach women and give them what they need. Having women at the forefront fighting to find love and then also going deeper into who they are.

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