Who died in Vikings: Valhalla season 1?

February 25, 2022
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This article, “who died in Vikings: Valhalla season 1″ contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series. 

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In the sequel to the extremely successful History Channel series Vikings, it’s a safe bet to assume that there’ll be several deaths along the way. Just look at how many characters died in Vikings. And since Vikings: Valhalla starts with a bloodbath, it’s obvious there’s going to be death all the way through. Below is a breakdown of all the key characters that died in the first season. 

Who died in Vikings Valhalla season 1?


Whilst Harald’s brother isn’t on screen for long, as he gets murdered in the opening scene, his death definitely leaves a mark. After Sten gets murdered as part of Aethelred the Unready’s goal to purify the land, Harald promises to seek justice over the murder.

Aethelred the Unready

A ruthless and violent man with no problem ordering the deaths of the Vikings. Despite several key characters, such as King Canute and Harald wanting him dead, no one is actually responsible for Aethelred the Unready’s death. Instead, he dies of old age. 

Eadric Streona

An ambitious individual with clear goals. But as he is known in the history books for his “traitorous actions”, the shows stay true to form. Streona dies after King Canute calls him out for being a greedy traitor and chops off his head. 


The “baby” King. Rushed into becoming King after the deaths of his father and brothers, Edmund lacks the expertise that King Canute has. Regardless, Edmund is cocky and sure of his success, so much so that he follows Godwin’s advice to lead a resistance. But his efforts never develop, as shortly afterward, Godwin stabs him in the heart.


The “Mad-Man” of the first season of Vikings: Valhalla. He gains the title of “murderer of innocents” for obvious reasons. He believes that the Gods have ordered him to destroy Kattegat and kill Freydis, and he goes on a harsh and deadly mission to do so. His attempt fail, though, when in a standoff between the pair, Freydis chops off his head.


Having formed romantic relations with Leif during the season, it all comes to a tragic end in the season one finale. In the battle, Olaf stabs Liv, and she tragically dies before Leif can promise her that he will join her in Valhalla. And since Vikings: Valhalla ends with Leif struggling in the aftermath of her death, it could be Liv’s death that shapes Leif in future seasons.

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