The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Episode 4 Recap – why can’t Midge perform on the show?

April 21, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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“Susan” is another stellar episode, showcasing an extraordinary period setting and a delightful, fast-paced script. It’s great to see Midge maneuvering through all these entertaining obstacles as she battles for the spotlight. You can’t help but root for her. Masterfully acted and perfectly written once again.

We recap the Prime Video series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Episode 4, “Susan,” which contains spoilers.

Stand-up comedian Midge’s (Rachel Brosnahan) luck may change in episode four, “Susan,” as she glimpses the opportunity of a lifetime, her one shot at the big time.

It’s an eventful installment, as Midge seizes multiple opportunities while the series finds time to explore more of Susie (Alex Borstein) and her elusive backstory.

Elsewhere, Abe (Tony Shalhoub) and Rose (Marin Hinkle) have a major falling out, and the married talk show host Gordon Ford (Reid Scott) continues to harass poor Midge for a date.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Episode 4 Recap

This episode opens with an extravagant dance number, Frank and Nicky are producing an expo show, and the dancers practice their big show-stopper. The mob enforcers request a favor from Susie, one of their leading actors has pulled out at the last minute, and they want Midge to take the gig.

Susie is skeptical, but the criminals insist this is payback, the manager owes them.

Why does Midge turn Gordon down?

Meanwhile, at the Gordon Ford Show, the staff is recovering from last night’s celebrations, all nursing painful hangovers.

Midge enters the offices in a chirpy fashion, having not drunk the night before. Gordon apologizes for being tipsy and propositioning Midge, although he continues to ask her out on a date regardless. Midge lists all of Gordon’s red flags, including his wife. Gordon implies that it’s an open marriage, but Midge still says no, he’s a married man.

She’s saved by a phone call from Susie. Her manager pitches the expo show, highlighting the dodgy deal she’s been forced into. If Midge performs in this show, they will finally be off the hook, free of these threatening associates. Midge agrees to the performance, only to appease Susie.

Midge is handed the lengthy script, which she is told to memorize, and a baggy garbage disposal outfit. Her job is advertising demolition and waste management in New York City.

The show opens with a huge musical number, and Midge inter-cuts with her extensive monologues.

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That night, Abe and Rose go to see a play. They argue over the meaning behind the play. Abe explains his complex analysis of the story, while Rose believes it was simplistic. To settle the argument,

Rose asks the playwright the meaning behind his play. Rose wins. It wasn’t as complicated as Abe had assumed.

They head home in awkward silence. Back at their house, employees Zelda and Janusz are getting engaged, which adds an extra layer of awkwardness to the proceedings.

Why can’t Midge perform on the show?

Back at work, Midge shows the other writers her awful expo script. The place is in panic mode. A comic guest has canceled last minute, leaving Gordon in a tizz. Midge senses her big moment, her one chance to grasp the spotlight.

She offers her services as the comedic replacement they are desperate for. Gordon declines, stating their one rule: writers cannot perform on the show. All the writers are stand-ups, but they will never make an appearance on the show.

Disillusioned by this silly rule, Midge drags herself over to the expo show for round two. Her ex-husband and kids are in the crowd for this performance, but Midge lets her dismay take over. She performs terribly, interrupting the other performers. Midge yawns on stage, adlibs her lines, and half-asses the whole thing.

Why is Joel concerned?

Frank and Nicky are enraged by this temper tantrum and lay into poor Susie. They say how they own Midge and Susie forever now. Susie completely misunderstood the deal; she would be owing them favors for the rest of her life.

Joel witnesses this argument and asks Susie what she has gotten Midge caught up in. He worries that she is involved with the mob and vows to discover the truth.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Episode 4 Ending Explained

While at the Gordon Ford Show, the TV host fumbles through his own performance. He’s bored by their guest until Sophie Lennon makes a surprise appearance, stealing the show. Mike managed to book her last minute, saving the episode.

Susie turns up, arguing with Mike. She’s angry that he didn’t tell her about the show’s golden rule. Mike refuses to fix things, though. Susie leaves in a huff.

Who is Hedy?

As Susie exits the building, she spots Gordon Ford’s wife, Hedy. The woman begins to chase after Susie. It would appear these two have a history together. Hedy asks to get Susie a drink, but the manager refuses.

It’s implied that they were close over fifteen years ago and possibly in a relationship together. Susie was hurt by Hedy’s actions and broken promises, though. She refuses to talk further and storms off. Susie has many secrets from her past that will hopefully be explored further in season five.

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