How was Longest Third Date on Netflix filmed?

April 25, 2023
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How was Longest Third Date on Netflix filmed? We discuss the unique Netflix documentary and the filming technique behind it. 

March 2020 was probably the worst time for an impromptu holiday abroad, even if the flights were unusually affordable. The Netflix documentary, Longest Third Date, seems to argue otherwise.

Or at least show how people can find love in unusual and anxiety-inducing circumstances.

What is the Longest Third Date on Netflix about?

Longest Third Date tells the fortuitous love story of Khani Le and Matt Robertson after they found themselves stuck in Costa Rica together during the pandemic. After matching on Hinge, the pair went on two relatively successful dates before deciding to YOLO their way into a spontaneous weekend away together.

It was March 2020, and the Covid pandemic was just getting started. Unaware of how serious the situation was, Khani and Matt decided on a whim they wanted to take advantage of the discounted flight rate.

During what was supposed to be a (short) romantic getaway, their flight back got canceled, and their resort hotel kicked them out. Thanks to Covid travel restrictions, all flights were canceled. And they stayed canceled for 79 days.

While technically still on their third date, when most couples are just getting to know each other, these two had to spend two and a half months living together in a foreign country and finding ways to keep each other entertained.

How was Longest Third Date filmed?

Matt shot most of the documentary on his smartphone and documented his and Khani’s unusual Covid tale on social media. The film comprises archive footage he filmed in Costa Rica and studio interviews of the couple.

When he first met Khani, Matt was a vlogger with a tendency to document every aspect of his life. When he got stuck in Costa Rica during the pandemic, he seized the opportunity to film and publicly post his story on YouTube and Instagram, which gained him quite a following and media interviews even before the Netflix documentary.

Where are Matt and Khani now?

Nearly three years after their Central American adventure, Matt and Khani are officially a couple, living together in New York, and even adopted a dog together. They’ve met each other’s families, and it seems like The Longest First Date served as a great foundation for their relationship.

In a recent interview with People, Matt explained, “At the end of the day, I don’t think we would change anything. How can you be mad at the outcome? It was definitely trying and crazy at times, many ups and downs, but where it led us is amazing — I feel very fortunate, very blessed.”

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