The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – does Giorgio kiss Cass?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 26, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Cass’ fundraiser sets the backdrop for “Giorgio,” another eventful and entertaining instalment. The writers continue to develop and delve into character’s backstories, whilst pushing forward with the narrative. This allows for further drama and some fun, silly moments.

We recap the Apple TV+ series The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 7, “Giorgio,” which contains spoilers.

One of the more interesting characters in the series is Giorgio (Josh Segarra), the Italian restaurant owner, who is madly in love with Dusty’s wife, Cass (Gabrielle Dennis). In his centric episode, we explore the flamboyant and egotistical individual’s private life while he helps Cass produce her fundraiser gala.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Giorgio rants at his restaurant staff hours before the big fundraiser gala starts. He wants those with the best Morpho cards out front. Trina uses one of Jacob’s blank cards and pretends to be a gondolier so that she can have the easy gig of the night. While the poor guy with gum on his is demoted.

Back at home, Cass dresses for her big event, sporting a rather elegant blue dress designed to look like the blue Morpho butterfly. She argues with Dusty, who isn’t taking the fundraiser seriously, and questions the whole point of it.

Who is Xander?

The couple arrives early. Giorgio makes an excuse to get rid of Dusty. Dusty goes to fetch more ice with the staff reject who got gum, called Xander. Dusty and Xander drive to Mr. Johnson’s while Giorgio compliments and sweet-talks Cass. On the drive, Xander talks about Dusty being his favorite teacher because he was so laid-back.

Cass walks around the venue in complete awe. She talks about her love of Italy with Giorgio. Cass went there on a semester abroad, and of course, Giorgio has shaped his entire life around the country.

He admits that he isn’t Italian himself, but his stepdad Rocco Giorgio inspired him. He even took his stepdad’s name.

At Mr. Johnson’s, Dusty and Xander realize they have been set up. Jacob explains that Trina has already taken all the shop’s ice for the event.

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Dusty starts to panic, worrying about his failing marriage and career, which leads to a panic attack. Jacob suggests they all smoke weed together to relax.

What is the point of the fundraiser?

Cass explains the fundraiser to Izzy. They are hoping to raise $10k for the potential fund. One lucky Deerfield teen will be allowed to reach their Morpho potential with this money. Izzy worries about nepotism, but Cass isn’t going to choose Trina. She suggests Savannah, whose card says French, but Savannah doesn’t want to go to France anymore.

Cass delivers a speech about how the Morpho machine has brought out the best in everyone. Giorgio then plays a video clip where he shows off about his successful life.

Cass is mortified by Giorgio, who has unintentionally embarrassed her, making a mockery out of the night. Hana tells Father Reuben that she has been sleeping with Giorgio.

How does Giorgio raise the money?

Giorgio’s ego has gotten better, and he’s inadvertently ruined Cass’ night. Nobody wants to donate, and Cass starts to panic. Sensing his chances with Cass waning, Giorgio makes a big speech. He donates $500 to the cause and asks others to help out. Beau is willing to donate but wants one of Giorgio’s signed jerseys in return. Giorgio agrees and quickly starts to sell off all of his belongings to please Cass.

Back at the store, Dusty smokes weed with Jacob and Xander. They discuss their anxieties. Dusty thinks Cass has had enough of him; she’s outgrown him now. He mentions the theremin as a sign of this breakdown. Jacob believes it was a positive gift, though, one that Dusty needs to give a go.

After the fundraiser, Cass thanks Giorgio for his help. They chat about the night and Italy. Cass admits that she wanted to stay in Italy longer but had to return for Dusty. His mother was dying, and they felt forced to marry before she died.

Why did Giorgio get injured?

Dusty’s mother got better, but Cass missed her chance. Giorgio opens up, too, telling Cass that her marriage was to blame for his hockey injury. He heard she was getting married to Dusty, so he worked extremely hard at the gym, where he permanently damaged his hand.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Does Giorgio kiss Cass?

Giorgio says he’d give everything up for a chance to be with Cass. He holds her hand and goes in for a kiss. However, Trina interrupts them before anything serious happens, stopping them from kissing.

The episode ends with Cass returning home. She finds Dusty practicing the theremin. He apologizes for ditching her. Cass says she needed his support tonight. Giorgio calls to check up on Cass. She tells Giorgio to stop calling her and making any more advances; things have gotten out of hand.

The episode concludes with Izzy breaking into the general store, she goes to smash up the machine, but Jacob stops her. This appears to be setting up the narrative for the next installment, focusing on Izzy.

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