The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – what is Giorgio’s dark secret?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 19, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Beau may be the focus of this episode, but he is far too weak of a character to carry the installment on his own. This is another odd offering, with bizarre scenarios and forced reveals. That being said, the episodes are short and entertaining enough to keep audiences coming back for more.

We recap the Apple TV+ series The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6, “Beau,” which contains spoilers.

The residents of Deerfield all seem to have their own dark secrets, which have slowly been revealed over the course of the season.

In “Beau,” further secrets are unveiled as the townsfolk continue to fall apart. This episode focuses on Jacob’s struggling father, Beau Kovac (Aaron Roman Weiner), who is grieving the death of his wife and one of his sons while unsure of the true meaning behind his own Morpho card.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

What does Beau’s Morpho card say?

This is Beau’s centric episode, and he makes a grand entrance, driving the Zamboni onto the ice in all his cowboy gear. He feels this job is beneath him, though, and quits on the spot, flashing his own Morpho card, which says Sheriff on it.

He clearly feels like his future is bigger and brighter than all this.

Back in the present, Beau makes the finishing touches to his saloon. He has turned his garage into a cowboy-themed bar, using the dining room table as the bar top.

Jacob doesn’t know how to deal with his father’s odd behavior and fears he will be violently attacked if Beau ever finds out that he was the one having an affair with Trina. The aggressive father is now desperate to find out who the cheat was. Jacob lies, saying that it might be one of Kolton’s old teammates.

At the Hubbard’s, Cass is trying to develop her business, making custom sweatshirts and promoting each individual’s Morpho card result. While Dusty has taken on the role of the high school’s basketball coach.

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Both Cass and Dusty have been inspired by the Morpho machine to improve their own careers.

Dusty’s first basketball practice goes terribly, though. Giorgio and Beau crash the lesson, dominating the session with their intense and loud styles of coaching. Beau is only really there to suss out the cheat, and Giorgio is evidently just jealous of Dusty, trying to belittle and embarrass him every chance he can get.

Beau searches for the cheat at the session. A student called Tucker seems to be the prime suspect. After practice, Beau invites the team back to his saloon for an extra team bonding session, where he can zone in on poor Tucker.

What is Giorgio’s first lie?

At the garage, Beau shows off his impressive craft skills and extreme masculinity. They all play at a punching machine, showing off their individual strength. Giorgio reveals that he isn’t actually Italian but is, in fact, Puerto Rican, divulging his first lie of the episode.

Beau is jealous of Tucker’s strength, and the two battle it out, trying to achieve the highest score on the machine.

Giorgio introduces alcohol into the mix, and Dusty gets rather drunk on shots. The students escape, chatting with Jacob in the kitchen. They’ve realized that the parents are projecting their own midlife crises onto them, and Beau is obviously unwell.

They agree that the team is lost without Kolton.

Trina hangs out with Savannah. The student reveals that her Morpho card said “French.” Cass is also there with Savannah’s mother Nat. Cass talks about her plans to organize a fundraiser for the students so that they can reach their full potential, using Savannah as an example.

She wants to raise money so Savannah could travel to France to live out her dreams if she wanted to.

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Cass drives Trina back home after the social. On the way, Giorgio sends a text message explaining that Dusty is drunk and needs collecting. The ladies arrive at Beau’s house, witnessing this pitiful party. Trina goes to visit Jacob, and Cass goes to collect Dusty.

Trina talks with Jacob upstairs, and they decide to split up. Jacob passes Trina a blank Morpho card as a parting gift, telling her she can be whatever she wants to be in life.

Meanwhile, the adults talk downstairs. Cass mentions her fundraiser idea, and Giorgio suggests using his restaurant as the venue. Cass is excited to start planning the event now that they have a venue.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Beau figures out that Tucker isn’t the cheat, but it is his own son Jacob. Beau is upset by this betrayal, yet he comforts his son anyway. It would seem they are both hurting badly.

In the final moments of the episode, we see the depressing effect the Morpho machine has had on the entire town. Trina is heartbroken. She can’t be with the person she loves. While Beau and Jacob are obviously at their lowest points.

What is Giorgio’s dark secret?

Then we get to see Giorgio’s own dark secrets. He sits in his bathtub alone, where he proceeds to remove his wig. This is nicely set up the next installment, which will focus on Giorgio, who seems to be a compulsive liar.

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