Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – what happened to Roy?

April 27, 2023
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“In Captivity” is a gripping opening episode featuring a wholesome cast of hybrids and some genuine tension. There’s a real cinematic quality to proceedings, with some awesome shots and detailed world-building.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 1, “In Captivity,” which contains spoilers.

After a two-year absence, Netflix’s fantasy drama series Sweet Tooth is back. In episode one, “In Captivity,” Gus (Christian Convery) finds himself imprisoned with the other hybrid children.

Dr. Singh (Adeel Akhtar) is forced to experiment on these children as General Abbot (Neil Sandilands), the leader of the Last Men, desperately seeks out a cure for the deadly virus.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

What does Birdie find in Alaska?

The premiere opens with geneticist Birdie hiking through the Alaskan wilderness. She hunts out a shipwreck and finds purple flowers and a journal. It looks like Birdie is seeking her answers while the rest of the world is ravaged by the H5G9 virus.

Back in America, Gus is caged with the other hybrid children at Aimee’s old zoo, which was known as the Preserve. Abbot’s evil gang, the Last Men, has taken over this complex, aiming to experiment upon the hybrid children to find a cure. The hybrids are kept imprisoned like wild animals and are fed dog food.

Aimee’s adopted daughter Wendy, who is half-pig, half-human, has become the gang’s leader. She communicates with the other hybrids via sign language.

Gus asks how they plan to escape. Bobby, the adorable groundhog hybrid, has tried to tunnel out, but an impenetrable concrete wall surrounds the zoo.

Wendy introduces Gus to the other hybrid children. The gang includes hybrids representing elephants, foxes, skunks, and many other creatures. The children are frightened by the aggressive guards and the sudden disappearance of one of their own, Roy, the chameleon boy.

What is Aditya’s new job?

Aditya Singh is the one forced to experiment on these poor hybrid children at the zoo, all because the Last Men have his wife Rani prisoner. She has the virus, nicknamed the Sick, and Aditya is only just managing to keep her alive thanks to a medicine called the Secret Sauce. This medicine contains unique components from the hybrid children.

Aditya uses a dose of the medicine to treat Rani. He tells his wife that he has been given his own lab, and they will be freed once they have found a cure.

Abbot knows that they have very little time left. The virus is mutating and spreading at an alarming rate. He demands Aditya finds results fast.

Abbot then leaves to meet with other gang leaders across the States. He travels to the Lowlands to meet with Dutch, but the leader refuses to even listen to Abbot’s plans.

Back at the zoo, Gus and Wendy plan their next move. Gus explains that he was captured because he tried to contact Aimee via radio. Wendy realizes that Aimee may be contactable using the radio in the zoo.

Bobby digs out of their cell and retrieves the keys to free the gang.

What happened to Roy?

Gus and Wendy then head to the radio room together, narrowly avoiding the many guards dotted about the place. Wendy speaks into the mic and warns Aimee about their current predicament. They see Roy being whisked away. He appears to have been operated on and killed in the process. Second in command, Johnny, then captures the hybrids, throwing them back into their cell.

Johnny takes the keys from Bobby and fits him with a tracker device. Wendy informs the gang that Aimee didn’t respond. She adds that Roy will not be returning. Gus lies and says that Roy escaped. This fills the gang with hope.

Gus is the next hybrid to be taken. He meets with Aditya in his intimidating lab. Aditya asks Gus to tell him his age and background. Gus says he is ten and has no parents, but Pubba taught him to speak. Aditya states that Gus cannot be ten as the virus is only nine-years-old. Aditya then notices that Gus has no belly button.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained

The doctor is fascinated by Gus, and the two discuss Pubba further. Gus admits that Pubba is dead, but he saw him and purple flowers in a dream. Aditya asks for Gus’ help and promises that no more hybrids will be harmed in return. Gus and Aditya “pinky swear” on it.

Meanwhile, Becky continues her phone call with Birdie. She asks Becky to find a cassette tape, which contains important information.

Becky and Birdie’s colleague Judy are then found by the Last Men. Judy buys Becky some time and attacks the enemy with her flamethrower. Becky escapes out of the attic window and flees.

How does Gus know that Jepperd is alive?

The episode ends with Gus finding his stuffed animal Dog in the latest food delivery. This proves to Gus that his friend Jepperd is still alive. Wendy sniffs the toy and picks up on Aimee’s scent too.

They believe Jepperd and Aimee are working together to free them. This fills the gang with further hope.

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