The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – how does Kang-ho choose to live his life?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: April 27, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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A fantastic, emotional follow-up creates major intrigue.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 2, which contains spoilers.

As good as second episodes can get, The Good Bad Mother packed plenty of tension, emotion, drama, and impact into this installment.

The character of Kang-ho (Lee Do-hyun) was really smartly developed, and though his circumstances and characterization are likely to now completely change, it was extremely engaging to watch him deal with severing ties with his mother and opt to lead a new life of social influence.

The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

As Kang-ho goes about ruthlessly dealing with Woo-byeok’s legal business – though he doesn’t hand over the important phone call evidence to his boss – Young-soon struggles. She doesn’t see her son, lives alone, and finds herself in pain from the daily tasks she now toils over.

Elsewhere, Mi-joo (later revealed to now be a mother, with her children being raised by Gum-ja) has her work difficulties when provoked by a cocky ballerina but does harbor modest ambitions of opening up a small nail salon alongside her friend, Sun-young.

What is Kang-ho’s history with Tae-soo?

While Young-soon is bluntly sent away from seeing her son on his birthday, we see Oh Tae-soo is now a presidential candidate. It turns out the corrupted prosecutor-turned-politician is someone who has a big admirer of Kang-ho, too, given the youngster used him and his words as an inspiration.

Next, we see just how deep Kang-ho’s history with Tae-soo goes. The prosecutor is dating the politician’s daughter (who he had earlier helped when she was reported at a nightclub) but was told by his former inspiration that he “reeked of something,” so the two must break up.

Plus, Tae-soo wants Ha-young to enter into Dosang Group through marriage, emphasizing why he dislikes Kang-ho.

What does Kang-ho do to get what he wants?

However, there’s more. In Kang-ho’s work for Woo-byeok, he discovers it was worker Hwang Soo-hyun who gave birth to Tae-soo’s child.

With this in mind, the prosecutor hatches a plan. If Woo-byeok makes him his legal son, Kang-ho will be able to marry Ha-young, thus putting the potential next president into Woobyeok Group’s hands and giving the upstart the life he’s desired all along.

With the scheme firmly in motion and agreed to, Kang-ho gets rid of the one loose thread: Soo-hyun. Meanwhile, Mi-joo opens her nail salon to get her kids back, and Young-soon begins to try and make amends with Sung-ae for her son, putting Sam-sik behind bars.

Returning to Jou-ri village, Kang-ho introduces Ha-young, who is now his fiancée, to everyone.

Yet the entire meeting is tense and awkward, particularly when Young-soon is asked to sign away her son to Woo-byeok.

Emotionally, the pig farmer abides by her son’s request, meaning Kang-ho is now free to inherit his “father’s” business and become an in-law of an assemblyman.

The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Firmly severing ties with his old life, an emotional Kang-ho is driven away from Jou-ri village and back toward his future.

However, the episode comes to a shocking end when the prosecutor, when seated alone in the car, is hit by an oncoming truck, leaving the on-looking Ha-young distraught.

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