The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – how does Kang-ho’s condition improve?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 3, 2023 (Last updated: June 2, 2023)
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The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Netflix K-Drama


A solid episode with a strong emotional undercurrent.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 3, which contains spoilers.

Episode three was a switch in gears for The Good Bad Mother, focusing almost solely on the relationship reparation between Young-soon (Ra Mi-ran) and Kang-ho (Lee Do-hyun).

At its best, it was strikingly emotional, leaving plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks.

The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

What happens to Kang-ho?

In the aftermath of the crash, Kang-ho is left with a swollen brain and body, devastating Young-soon. Additionally, the pig farmer sorrowfully reflects on how strictly she treated her comatose son, all while holding onto the hope he’ll soon wake.

Concurrently, Woo-byeok hears a “burner vehicle” was used in the collision, and Tae-soo congratulates his daughter for executing her role seamlessly in their attempt to kill Kang-ho.

Despite her nail salon business booming, life isn’t without worries for Mi-joo. For she hears of a man wanted for rape and murder still circulating near her neighborhood and even appears to catch a glimpse of him. However, this turns out to be Sam-sik (not that such a fact spares him an accidental beating).

Vowing to get back on the right path, Sam-sik unashamedly mentions still having feelings for his friend and departs Mi-joo’s house to begin work on a fishing vessel.

Elsewhere, Kang-ho wakes up following months of Young-soon caring for him.

However, things are different now. Kang-ho has retrograde amnesia, lacks cognitive function, and is currently not dissimilar from a seven-year-old.

This makes looking after the now fussy prosecutor tough, but Young-soon tries her best in the face of adversity, even if she does endeavour to conceal her son’s condition from her fellow villagers at first.

How does Young-soon get Kang-ho to eat?

While news spreads around Jou-ri village of Kang-ho’s true condition, Young-soon cherishes that she still has her son alive. “He’ll get up, walk, and even run,” the pig farmer says, harboring ambitions of nurturing her child into adulthood a second time. For now, though, the big challenge is getting Kang-ho actually to eat.

With the heartfelt encouragement of her friends and the strength afforded to her through reminiscing, Young-soon perseveres in taking care of her son. There are some hitches – notably, a doctor implies the prosecutor could feel “suicidal” due to his paralysis – but once it becomes apparent Kang-ho’s lack of eating has been born out of his fear of being too full of studying, things begin to get back on track. Because now, Young-soon turns away from discipline and towards love, with her assurances of a full stomach being ok, resulting in her son allowing himself to be fed.

What happens to Mi-joo’s salon?

When Woo-byeok deduces Tae-soo has covered up the death of Yang Gu-man (the truck driver who paralyzed Kang-ho) as a suicide, he starts to become frustrated.

Concurrently, Ha-young finds herself traumatized from all that’s occurred, whereas her father plans to take down his nemesis’ businesses ahead of a presidential bid.

During the wait for rehabilitation, Kang-ho manages to will himself to start moving his hands of his own accord, impressively pushing over a toy robot to demonstrate slowly returning cognitive function. Meanwhile, Mi-joo discovers that the now unreachable Sun-young had cynically sold their nail salon, leaving her penniless.

The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

In her attempts to get Kang-ho moving again, Young-soon returns to her strict ways. Basically, the pig farmer makes her son unable to eat unless he can get to his food himself, a challenge the prosecutor certainly struggles with.

But in time, Kang-ho succeeds with the task set for him, eating meals normally just ahead of his rehabilitation admission. With a look at the smiling gaze of Young-soon watching her son eat unassisted, his condition evidently improving, the episode ends.

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