Where was the 2023 movie Peter Pan & Wendy filmed?

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 1, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
Where was the 2023 movie Peter Pan & Wendy filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Where was the 2023 movie Peter Pan & Wendy filmed? We discuss the Disney+ film and its filming locations.

The straight-to-streaming feature film Peter Pan & Wendy, a Disney+ film, is a retelling of the company’s beloved animated classic Peter Pan from 1953.

The animated version was adapted from the 1904 play by J.M Barrie, also known as The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.

The Scottish novelist first introduced the character in The Little White Bird. The play would follow, and in 1911 we would receive the expanded version of the story in the book Peter & Wendy.

Nowadays, the character is almost instantly recognizable and has been the center of several related projects, including this latest offering, which has not been very well received by critics and fans. However, this feature is here to provide you with answers to the question of where was Peter Pan & Wendy filmed.

Where was the 2023 movie Peter Pan & Wendy filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

The Covid pandemic would put the brakes on the filming of this feature. Initially, shooting was to start in April 2020, but things got in the way, and production was halted. However, about a year later, things would begin to get underway again.

In Metro Vancouver, a large set, including a giant pirate ship, would be built on the south arm of the Fraser River in the city of Richmond.

Metro Vancouver was no stranger to this kind of production, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was also filmed here.

Newfoundland, Labrador

Sourcing the right location is a skill; with a production such as this, you need the perfect landscape for creating a Neverland.

Towards the end of production, the film crew would find themselves on the island of Newfoundland to lens many key sequences.

The added pressure of all the necessary COVID-19 protocols would be problematic, but once every precaution had been taken, filming would take place at The Bonavista Peninsula and the city of St. John’s.

The stunning landscape and the beautiful open waters around the island made for some very pleasing settings to shoot the Neverland portions in.

The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark comprising eighteen mountainous regions, were utilized for filming some more scenes.

The Trælanípan Mountain and Risin og Kellingin feature in the movie, and in addition, the production team made the most of the locales of Mykines and the islet of Tindhólmur too.

James Bond thriller No Time to Die was also filmed in The Faroe Islands and has since become a bit of a pilgrimage for fans who want to visit what is essentially the location where Bond bites the dust.

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