Will there be a Bupkis Season 2 on Peacock?

May 4, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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This article discusses the possibility of Bupkis Season 2 and the renewed or canceled status of the Peacock original series. It may contain some spoilers for the first season.

Bupkis is a semi-autobiographical Peacock sitcom from the troubled mind of Pete Davidson, who stars in the show as an exaggerated version of himself, navigating an exaggerated version of his life.

Littered with big-name stars playing Pete’s family and acquaintances, the eight-episode original series veers from a Millennial stoner redo of Entourage to a surprisingly honest and challenging examination of addiction, Hollywood, and the demands of fame and success. Here’s a quote from our review:

It’s a serialized story, with Pete gradually developing – or spiraling – as it goes along, and those around him struggling to adapt to and keep pace with his excesses. Previous events are called back to, and cameoing guest stars sometimes crop up more than once. But it doesn’t really solidify into a coherent narrative until the last few episodes, which for some might be too little too late.

Fans of Pete Davidson may be wondering about the show’s future, so here’s everything we know.

Will there be a Bupkis Season 2 on Peacock?

Renewed or canceled status: TBC

At the time of writing it isn’t entirely clear whether Peacock intends to renew Bupkis for a second season.

However, if there was ever a show destined for renewal, it’s probably this one. Pete isn’t going to stop being famous any time soon, and his extensive experience in and connections to the industry give Peacock what is essentially a homegrown version of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

One can easily see how each season would rope in more and more big-name celebrities for self-aware cameos. As Pete continues to work, more of his life will be available to dramatize — and it isn’t like the problems he had here in the first season are necessarily resolved by the end.

Unless it’s somehow a giant bomb for the platform, which seems a little unlikely given Pete’s pop-cultural prominence, our official prediction is that Peacock will renew Bupkis for a second season — and perhaps a few more after that.

As ever, we’ll update this page whenever we know more.

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