Bupkis Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 4, 2023 (Last updated: May 5, 2023)
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Bupkis Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

This recap of Bupkis Season 1 Episode 8, “Show Me the Way”, contains major spoilers for the ending of Bupkis Season 1.

A constant source of pleasure throughout the first season of Bupkis has been the opening titles, which have changed in each episode to give each half-hour instalment a unique style and vibe.

The first season finale, “Show Me the Way”, mimics an old-timey black-and-white Hollywood classic. It doesn’t immediately become clear why until later when a formal trick leads to a powerful moment of personal awakening, but it’s still a nice visual flourish all the same.

Bupkis Season 1 Ending Explained

For a while, then, the enjoyment of this final episode is in watching Pete Davidson grapple with a monochrome rehab amidst a cavalcade of cameos.

Perhaps the absence of colour is symbolic of the aspects of Pete’s life that have been stripped from him. He has no phone, no friends, and – crucially – no drugs. He has been divorced from his worst influences and all the toys that so often lead him astray.

He is, once again, alone.

Who else is in rehab?

As mentioned, Pete’s rehabilitation experience is defined by the familiar faces that show up.

There are very brief parts during group therapy sessions for Cam’Ron, Jadakiss, and Eli Manning. And there are decently meaty parts for a wonderfully demented Paul Walter Hauser and a surprisingly even-keel Machine Gun Kelly.

It hardly seems like a place of healing, though. The staff are either insane, violent authoritarians or young idiots not at all dissimilar from Pete’s friends in the outside world. For a few bucks, they’ll hand over the keys to the medicine cabinet, no questions asked.

There’s no question Pete wants to get better. He doesn’t “cheek” his pills to snort later. Alone in his room, he has heavy flashbacks to his childhood with his father, his earliest therapy sessions, and being cradled in his mother’s arms after self-harming.

Here, when it’s a drama, Bupkis is surprisingly good, honest, and challenging.

What symbolizes Pete’s breakthrough?

When Pete gets high with Machine Gun Kelly and Paul Hauser, it seems like he’s once again on a downward spiral.

His personal breakthrough is unexpected and comes after an impromptu screaming therapy session in the woods where he’s slapped so hard that the black-and-white filter lifts and colour bleeds back into his life.

Of course, Pete isn’t cured, as he claims. But the visual shift is symbolic of a new realization of what’s important in his life – his family.

Does Pete Davidson die in Bupkis?

All throughout the finale, Casey’s graduation has been lurking in the background.

Amy, fundamentally misunderstanding how rehab works, tries to get a message to Pete so he can be there. Her focus remains on him even on a day specifically devoted to his sister.

But after Pete escapes rehab and finally turns on his phone, even Casey herself has left him a message saying she’s proud of him, and she doesn’t mind him not being present. As ever, Pete has unwavering support.

And yet he races there nonetheless. With tears in his eyes, he almost hits an oncoming car, loses control of the vehicle, and crashes.

When he snaps awake, bleeding heavily from the mouth, he laughs and cries in unison.

You can stream Bupkis Season 1 Episode 8, “Show Me the Way” exclusively on Peacock. Do you have any thoughts on the ending of Bupkis Season 1? Let us know in the comments.

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