Silo Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – who does Holston choose as his successor?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 5, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Silo Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


The mystery continues to unfold in “Holston’s Pick.” This installment explores Juliette’s relationship with George and her journey to uncover the Silo’s many secrets. There’s further intrigue in this investigation as the writers unveil more layers to this futuristic world.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Silo Season 1 Episode 2, “Holston’s Pick,” which contains spoilers.

The many mysteries of the Silo continue to be explored in “Holston’s Pick.” The Sheriff (David Oyelowo) goes through with his plans to journey into the outside world, hoping to be reunited with his wife, Allison (Rashida Jones).

While Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) uncovers further secrets left behind by her dead lover George.

Silo Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The second chapter opens with Holston being fitted into his suit. He apologizes to the Mayor for the inconvenience but needs to be with his wife now. Holston steps out into the dystopian wasteland. From his point of view, Holston can see the beautiful vista Allison had witnessed on that secret file.

What does Holston see in the outside world?

Holston sees the green, luscious landscape and birds flying in the sky. He walks back to the camera and cleans the screen, desperate for the citizens to see what he is witnessing. Of course, all they see is a desolate wasteland. Holston walks towards the brow of the hill but stumbles and then collapses. He removes his helmet and crawls over to Allison’s body.

The citizens inside the Silo see Holston dying by his wife’s side. This causes a fight to break out, and Juliette storms off, enraged by this death. She loses the plot and bursts a pipe in anger. The citizens start to gather weapons and fight with each other. There is serious unrest in the population now that their sheriff is gone.

Deputy Marnes refuses to step up as the next sheriff and chooses to retire instead. He looks into possible candidates for the role while the Mayor tries to keep law and order in the Silo.

We are then introduced to Martha, one of Juliette’s oldest friends. It’s been three months since Juliette’s lover, George, died, and she is still confident that he was murdered. She recounts the story of George’s last day to Martha.

What did George leave Juliette?

Via flashbacks, we explore this eventful day. George asks to meet with Juliette after her shift. He leaves her a bag containing a Pez dispenser and a handwritten note. The note says that George has found what he was looking for. Juliette is informed of George’s passing the following day. She tells Deputy Hank that it has to be murder.

Hank passes the news on to Holston, who is then introduced to Juliette. Holston is told that George fell 100 feet to his death and that there were no witnesses. Together they inspect the body.

Holston realizes that Juliette and George were a couple. Juliette shows Holston the relic and the note George left her.

Juliette follows the clues within George’s note and takes Holston to their secret hideout. This place is deep below the Silo in a disused zone containing an ancient and gigantic digging machine.

Juliette explains that George kept and traded relics; they were stashed here. There’s even a camera, but they are unsure of its purpose.

What does Juliette find at George’s hideout?

Rifling through George’s items, Juliette finds the hard drive he showed Allison and the notes he kept with it. Holston points out Allison’s handwriting on the paper. Juliette was unaware that George and Allison were acquaintances.

Holston and Juliette argue over these relics. Holston wants to destroy them, but Juliette wants answers to pursue the clues. Both individuals have lost loved ones in the past, and Holston seems eager to find answers himself; he doesn’t want to break the rules. He tells Juliette to wait while he investigates the hard drive further.

Unfortunately, Holston never returned to Juliette; the next time she saw him, he was dead.

Silo Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Who does Holston choose as his successor?

Deputy Marnes passes the Mayor a list of potential candidates for the sheriff’s role. Paul Billings seems the top candidate. Marnes then unveils Holston’s final message. Holston wanted Julliette, the engineer, to be his successor. Marnes thinks this proves that Holston was losing his mind near the end. The Mayor decides to meet with Juliette anyway.

“Holston’s Pick” ends with Juliette returning to her secret hideout. She reminisces on better days with George. He’d told Juliette he had found a secret door in the blueprints. Juliette decides to carry on George’s mission. She enters the water below, searching for this hidden doorway.

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