The Great Season 3 Episode 8 Recap – how do Elizabeth and Petrov reclaim Catherine’s army?

May 12, 2023
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Another impressive episode, depicting grief authentically and brutally. Elle Fanning continues to excel while the characters of Elizabeth and Petrov come into their own. This is a darkly funny and surprisingly moving series that keeps on improving with each installment.

We recap the Hulu series The Great Season 3 Episode 8, “Peter and the Wolf,” which contains spoilers.

Peter’s death continues to ravage those closest to him. “Peter and the Wolf” focuses on the three main cast members who loved Peter (Nicholas Hoult) the most: Elizabeth (Belinda Bromilow), Catherine (Elle Fanning), and Grigor (Gwilym Lee).

Their grief is portrayed with surprising authenticity and sweetness as they struggle to comprehend life without their King.

The Great Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Starting with Elizabeth, the aunt travels with Petrov to Peter’s watery grave. They find the frozen lake but cannot retrieve the body deep underneath the ice. Elizabeth starts log fires across the lake so that they can melt the thick layer of ice.

How did Elizabeth’s son die?

While they wait, Elizabeth sobs uncontrollably. She asks Petrov to sleep with her, but he refuses. They discuss death in detail. Elizabeth lost her son in similar circumstances. He, too, drowned in a lake. She talks of how Peter comforted her while she grieved. Petrov has also seen a lot of death in his life due to war.

When the ice melts, Elizabeth jumps in to retrieve Peter’s body. However, she returns without the corpse, stating that Peter looks peaceful down there. Elizabeth would rather remember the good times instead of disturbing the body. She thanks Peter for bringing her so much joy.

At the same time, Velementov and Hugo strategize their ambush on the Swedes. Hugo has a change of heart, though, unable to kill his fellow countrymen. He takes Velementov hostage while he makes a new plan.

Hugo wants to turn this border land between Sweden and Russia into his own kingdom.

How do Elizabeth and Petrov reclaim Catherine’s army?

Eventually, Hugo lets Velementov go. They formulate a new strategy together, yet Petrov and Elizabeth arrive before they can instigate their battle plan. Elizabeth shoots Hugo in the leg. Hugo tries to retaliate, and Petrov shoots him in the shoulder. Petrov wants to return Catherine’s army to the Empress right away.

Velementov accepts his fate and asks to be killed for his betrayal. Petrov tells him to show some honor. They return home without killing the General.

Velementov apologizes to Elizabeth on the way, and they talk about their fond memories of Peter.

In the second storyline, Catherine legalizes divorce at the palace. This causes both uproar and joy among the people. Catherine appears even more broken than before. She wears Peter’s clothes and orders musicians to play their favorite song on repeat.

What are the consequences of the divorce law?

Catherine has won over the people, yet she still feels empty inside and misses Peter greatly. Women start to commit suicide, unable to financially support themselves after being divorced. Marial urges Georgina and Grigor to divorce, but they hesitate, stalling on the paperwork.

Archie relays the consequences of the divorce law to Catherine. People are dying or making a mockery of the system. Catherine ignores Archie’s concerns, still broken and paralyzed with regret.

Archie asks her to go rest and to undo the law.

After watching the chaos that she has created, Catherine decides to change the laws and oversee each divorce procedure herself. She approves and denies others, announcing that all women will receive half of their husband’s estate in the divorce settlement.

Catherine’s segment ends with Maxim informing the Empress that Pugachev is still alive.

How does Grigor distract himself from his grief?

Next is Grigor’s section. He goes hunting with Arkady and Maxim. Grigor wants to distract himself from the grief as well. He piles up the dead deer he’s shot and then returns to the palace broken. Drunk, Grigor argues with Petra and then makes amends with Arkady after their fight.

They overhear a party and go to join this orgy. Unfortunately, the party is to celebrate Peter’s death. Grigor loses the plot and shoots one of the guests. He rants about his love for Peter, stating that he never loved anyone the same.

The Great Season 3 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Marial, who was hiding at the party, argues with Grigor about Peter and his legacy. She wants to be loved more than Peter, who she considers to be a monster. Marial adds that Peter ruined her life and caused Grigor so much pain. Grigor walks away, unable to speak. M

Marial states that she will not let Peter ruin their relationship too. She will fight for them.

Grigor joins Catherine and Paul. Catherine asks Grigor to do something for her. We are not told what this task is, but Grigor carries baby Paul through a forest in the next scene. The episode ends with Catherine shooting herself in the eye, although the gun is not loaded.

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