Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – how does So-ra find out who Jung-min’s family are?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 13, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 9 Recap


A light episode provides entertainment but doesn’t move things any closer to a climax.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 9, which contains spoilers. 

While there certainly wasn’t anything overwhelmingly negative about episode nine of Doctor Cha, it was evident that it lacked an element of storytelling intended to move the plot forward properly.

Of course, Jeong-suk (Uhm Jung-hwa) has now left home, So-ra (Jo Ah-ram) has found out the truth about Jung-min’s family, and In-ho (Kim Byung-chul) might expose the identity of his wife, but considering we were on the cusp of a major affair reveal, these seem like staggered steps. Nevertheless, this installment was still entertaining and had some real comedic highlights.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

How does Jeong-suk act on her birthday?

As Jeong-suk solemnly favors peace at her birthday dinner, Seung-hi feels her jealousy rise over the fact she’s not in the position of In-ho’s wife before leaving (without intervening) to spend time with Eun-seo. Still, there’s a dingering air of awkwardness at the meal, particularly when the first-year resident ounk her husband’s face in cake, a moment she giddily describes as “cathartic.”

When Jeong-suk excuses herself, tired of hearing negative memories of her wedding day, the rest of her family speculate to no avail on whether the resident is aware of In-ho’s affair. Elsewhere, Seung-hi embraces her daughter and softly cries.

What big decisions does Jeong-suk make?

Following a sleepless night of crying, as well as divorce research, Jeong-suk departs for a consultation, though not without sending a subtle warning to In-ho about having something to say. Here, the dejected mother is informed “there’s no such thing as a clean divorce” and is alerted about the separation’s potential to be a “dirty fight” with her cheating husband.

After receiving encouragement from Roy Kim, Jeong-suk, who confesses to feeling like everything is “pointless,” makes two big decisions. First, the resident moves into dorms, wanting to get out of her home with In-ho. Additionally, Jeong-suk decides to sign up as a medical volunteer.

How does Jeong-suk’s volunteering go?

Next, volunteering work is a big success. Jeong-suk, with her kind heart, makes a genuine connection to patients on house calls, with the added bonus being she can avoid In-ho. Concurrently, Deok-rye comforts a grateful Seung-hi on how the doctor’s mother, who passed when she was a high-schooler, would’ve still “watched” her flourish.

In spite of her congratulatory statements on Seung-hi’s efforts in raising Eun-seo solo, Ae-sim still sternly requests the doctor ends her affair with In-ho.

Meanwhile, the adulterous professor is called upon to travel to a remote location so he can assist with helping an elder pass bowel movements again.

As In-ho repeatedly interrupts Roy Kim’s bonding moments with Jeong-suk, Seung-hi is admitted to the hospital with what she believes is gastric cramp.

Additionally, Jung-min and So-ra sneak off together during the volunteering party to share some alone time.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 9 Ending Explained

However, things get complex with this. For So-ra, during her look around Jung-min’s phone, spots a video that highlights her boyfriend’s familial ties and, in the process, confirms the marriage of In-ho and Jeong-suk.

Then, to make things more clustered, the episode ends with a drunken In-ho affectionally requesting Jeong-suk sings with him at karaoke.

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