Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – How does Jeong-suk find out about Eun-seo?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 14, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Recap - How does Jeong-suk find out about Eun-seo?


A jam-packed chapter that packs a punch.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 contains spoilers.

With plenty of revelations, as well as some amends being made, episode ten of Doctor Cha saw the series get right back into form. Now, we really do seem on the cusp of Jeong-suk confronting her husband and Seung-hi on their affair. This would certainly be welcomed if it allows Roy Kim, who does seem almost on the peripheral as of late, to be brought right into the mix as a love interest.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

How does Jeong-suk help deliver a child?

With everything about In-ho’s family now known by everyone at Gusan University Hospital, So-ra feels embarrassed, recalling how harsh she had been towards Jeong-suk. Concurrently, preparations need to be abruptly made amongst the sober doctors for the delivery of a villager’s (Baek I-yeon) child.

Despite the ragtag group of people selected to offer help, Jeong-suk manages to ensure I-yeon’s baby boy is born without a hitch by guiding the new mother through the process. Therefore, the resident finds herself in a grateful mood, though Roy Kim is on hand to dampen spirits with questions about his friend’s inactivity regarding In-ho’s affair. In response, Jeong-suk simply says she’s “keeping the peace” for the sake of her children, who are both going through “crucial moments” in their respective lives.

As Eun-seo tries to get the recently discharged Seung-hi to wise up to the fact her life doesn’t have to be miserable, Jeong-suk apologizes to her now clear-headed peers for concealing her marriage. This, it seems, garners a mixed response, and So-ra still isn’t ready to face Jung-min yet either.

What is Seung-hi’s response to In-ho’s marriage being known in Doctor Cha Episode 10?

While Seung-hi puts the wheels in motion for a return to America by putting her real estate up for sale, Jeong-suk is warmly thanked by I-yeon for helping during her child’s birth. Additionally, Jung-min makes the first move towards patching things up with So-ra, only to mess it up when requesting she attempts to see why he hid the identity of his parents from her.

After hearing a half-hearted explanation from In-ho on why he impulsively told his colleagues about their marriage, Jeong-suk visits Seung-hi, and sternly introduces herself ahead of her family medicine placement. As for Seung-hi herself, she wants her partner to choose between her, or his wife.

How does Roy Kim react to the situation with Jeong-suk?

The next day, Roy Kim gives Jung-min an intentionally vague answer about his friendship with Jeong-suk, somewhat flustering the resident. Thus, In-ho is subsequently warned about his lack of ability to “compete” with the popular professor.

During Jeong-suk’s surgery department farewell party, Roy Kim storms off, tired of hearing noise about In-ho’s supposedly happy relationship. Concurrently, So-ra informs Jung-min’s mother that she will not be altering her behavior now she knows of her marriage.

Taking into account Roy Kim’s comforting words, Jeong-suk tells her friend she’ll “find the path that leads to my happiness on my own.” Presently though, the former homemaker’s priority is the completion of her hospital residency. There is a nugget in this scene too, that amidst Roy Kim’s heartfelt encouragement and offerings of support, he understatedly indicated an interest in potentially finding a way to Jeong-suk’s heart once she is ready.

What does Jeong-suk discover about her husband’s affair?

Continuing, Jung-min further offends So-ra by stating that he wants his partner to be “compassionate” towards others, as well as explaining how he wishes she could think of their future together too, instead of disregarding it due to her busy life. Elsewhere, Jeong-suk exits her marital home when In-ho drunkenly apologizes to both her and “Seung-hi.”

Following some advice from her mother about finding a way to forgive In-ho for mistakes, because he’s important as “the father of your children,” Jeong-suk accepts her husband’s gift of a coffee machine, yet rejects his request to come inside her dorm, not believing he genuinely cares. Furthermore, the resident has a pretty tough day in the family medicine department, with Seung-hi happy to put her on the spot.

As I-rang injures Eun-seo, Jeong-suk tails In-ho and Seung-hi on their way to the academy. Here, the resident ends up stunned, given she soon discovers her husband has a daughter with his mistress.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Ending Explained

After breaking down, Jeong-suk returns to the hospital, though finds herself unable to go inside. Fortunately, So-ra is on hand to help, offering to drive her “suffocated” colleague around so she can de-stress.

Surprisingly, So-ra not only allows Jeong-suk to open up, but demonstrates empathy about In-ho’s affair, which she was previously privy to. Then, with the two colleagues connecting, the episode ends as the rain hits their laughing faces through the car’s open roof.

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