The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: May 17, 2023 (Last updated: July 4, 2023)
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Apple TV+ series The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 10 - Deerfest: Part Two - Recap and Ending Explained


“Deerfest: Part Two” teases just enough mystery to keep viewers coming back for a second season. The finale doesn’t answer any major questions or bring any conclusions to the narrative but instead opens up further mysteries, pointing the finger at Hana and her involvement with the machine.

We recap the Apple TV+ series The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 10, “Deerfest: Part Two,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

Apple TV+’s quirky comedy series The Big Door Prize concludes with “Deerfest: Part Two.”

In the season one finale, the citizens of Deerfield gather for the annual Deerfest, thoroughly enjoying the celebrations even though the weather is dreary. During this festival, the Morpho machine starts acting strangely, and certain citizens share their darkest secrets.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Deerfest is the highlight of the year for most, but Urie fears his premonition may be coming true, a storm is heading their way, and disaster is on the cards. For one citizen, that is already a reality. Poor Mr. Johnson was electrocuted by the Morpho machine and had a heart attack.

Dr. Woods performs CPR, and Mr. Johnson is taken away in an ambulance. The families continue to enjoy the festivities, unaware of the building chaos.

Dusty and the gang reminisce on previous festivals, with Trina recounting Dusty and Cass’ first date. Cass tried to impress Dusty and said she liked puffins, so from that day forward, Dusty gifted her with every puffin-related toy and present he could find.

Elsewhere, Savannah’s mother, Nat, flirts with Giorgio, and Trina gets brutally honest with Jacob. She doesn’t think the couple will still be together in 30 years.

Away from the festival, Hana and Father Reuben make out in Hana’s makeshift bedroom. She mentions going to boarding school as a child, while Reuben talks about his purpose in life. He believes that the Morpho card led him to Hana.

The bartender acts suspiciously, turning this statement into an argument. She divulges that she was there the night Reuben found his priest’s card. Reuben is hurt that Hana wouldn’t mention this unique coincidence and had kept it a secret.

How did Hana and Father Reuben first meet?

Hana didn’t tell Reuben because it was an awkward first encounter. Hana kicked Reuben out of her bar. He was trying to start fights and was grieving his wife’s passing. In the present, Reuben is upset to hear that Hana kept this a secret from him.

Father Reuben now realizes that Hana was aware of the Morpho machine long before it arrived in Deerfield. The machine was there in another town, and Hana decided not to mention this salient fact either. He starts to grow suspicious of her. Hana defends herself, though, stating that she has no answers for Reuben. He needs to stop looking for signs.

Back at Deerfest, an employee argues with Cass, angered that she was conned out of her money by the woman. This provokes Cass, who rants about this illogical argument.

Thinking she would orchestrate this complex plan for so little gain is ridiculous. Izzy drags her away before she makes a real scene. Cass doesn’t argue with her mother, though. She hugs her in the maze.

Who is Mr. Johnson’s emergency contact?

Cass tells her mother that she has hurt her. Izzy says that she was protecting her daughter. Cass then leaves Izzy stranded in the middle of the maze. Dr. Woods phones Izzy, informing the mayor of Mr. Johnson’s cardiac event. Izzy is down as Mr. Johnson’s emergency contact; he has nobody else. She tells Dr. Woods she is on her way to the hospital.

Next, Dusty and Cass go on the Ferris wheel, like the good old days. Unfortunately, the power cuts out in the whole town, stranding them at the top of the wheel. Dusty ponders if they are supposed to be together, considering spending some time apart from Cass.

Giorgio manages to commandeer a cherry picker and rescues all the people stranded on the Ferris wheel. To celebrate, he kisses Nat.

Meanwhile, Beau rescues Izzy. He uses his trusty chainsaw to cut through the thick straw walls and saves her. It then begins to rain. The citizens put on their raincoats and leave the festival, heading home in the dark.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Ending Explained

What is the new message from the Morpho machine?

They notice light coming from the general store and head over. The Morpho machine is up and running once again. The doors are open, and the machine’s lights are on. Dusty peers in and reads the message on the screen. It says: Are you ready for the next stage?

The machine starts to play music similar to that of the theremin. Hana enters the store, stating that the machine has never done that before. She knows more about the machine than she is letting on. Has she followed the machine from town to town? Why is she so concerned about this machine?

The camera then lingers on Hana’s back. It is covered in those strange, blue spots. The spots almost form a pattern shaped like that of a butterfly’s wings.

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