White Men Can’t Jump (2023) Ending Explained – who hits the game winning shot? 

By Ricky Valero
Published: May 19, 2023 (Last updated: May 22, 2023)
White Men Can't Jump (2023) Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Hulu film White Men Can’t Jump, which will contain spoilers.

Jeremy and Kamal might not be Sidney and Billy, but in the remake of the 1992 classic White Men Can’t Jump, Jeremy and Kamal find themselves on the opposite side of the court.

However, the one thing that brought Billy and Sidney together and brought Jeremy and Kamal together is money. The big question is, did they walk home with the 500K prize in the tournament at the end of the movie?

When the remake of White Men Can’t Jump was announced, I wanted to throw things across the room. After seeing it, I want everyone to watch the movie.

Writers Kenya Barris and Doug Hall did basically what the writers of Bel-Air did. They took a story we all know, modernized it to make it relatable, and let the cast do the rest.

It pays off because this movie is hands down the biggest surprise of 2023. I wasn’t expecting to be chanting from the rooftops for Jack Harlow, but here we are. He and Sinqua Walls are so good that I’d even watch a sequel.

White Men Can’t Jump (2023) Ending Explained

Jeremy and Kamal get together to play in the 25k tournament. However, Kamal’s past gets in his way, and Jeremy struggles to handle it on the court, causing them to lose. Post-game, the two have a big fight leading to a massive falling out.

Kamal’s father had entered the hospital, and things weren’t looking up. Speedy and Renzo show up to give their support. While talking to the guys, they talk about the big 500k tournament that’s coming up.

However, Kamal said they didn’t have the money, but Imani speaks up, saying she would put the 5k she put aside for the hair salon and bet on Kamal to win it all. So the trio are in the tournament.

Who calls Jeremy to be a part of the team?

As they arrived for the game, we saw Jeremy outside the courts, waiting to talk to Kamal. Imani had called him to show up and support Kamal. After the duo make up, Kamal agrees to let Jeremy be the alternate on the team for the tournament.

Renzo is struggling in one of the games, and Kamal brings Jeremy into the game. Game by game, team by team, Jeremy, Kamal, and Speedy make it to the championship to play for 500 thousand dollars.

Why does Jeremy get thrown out of the game?

Earlier in the movie, Kamal got into a fight with a guy during one of the games in the streets. He was at the game, heckling him, saying he would beat him up. After Jeremy drives to the basket and makes a shot, he lands on his leg wrong, causing him to come out of the game. The heckler kept yapping his trap, and Kamal went to step in, but Jeremy knocked him out instead. Because of the punch, the ref threw out Jeremy but let the rest of the squad stay to finish the game.

Who hits the gaming winning shot?

With the game on the line, the opposing team missed a shot, giving Kamal a chance to win the game. While dribbling, he had a flashback of everything his father said to him, and we see Kamal drain the game-winning shot for them to win the 500 thousand dollar tournament.

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