Who does Kitty end up with in XO, Kitty Season 1?

May 19, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Who does Kitty end up with in XO, Kitty Season 1? We discuss the character of Kitty from the Netflix original romantic series. This article contains spoilers.

XO, Kitty is the first spin-off series for Netflix from one of its own existing film franchises. Bridging the gap between the To All the Boys movies and this original series is the character of Kitty, played by Anna Cathcart.

Kitty is Lara Jean’s younger sister and a self-professed matchmaker supreme. In the first season, Kitty chases after love and journeys into the unknown on her first semester abroad, but who does she end up with by the season finale?

Who are Kitty’s love interests in XO, Kitty?

Kitty is a sucker for love; she even travels halfway around the world to be with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae. On arriving in Seoul, she discovers that Dae has been cheating on her with another student though. As she investigates the circumstances surrounding this rather odd romance, Kitty looks for a new love.

Of course, Dae is Kitty’s first love, but there are many other love interests in the series as well. Kitty starts to have strong feelings for Yuri, the exact person who stole her boyfriend in the first place. She also argues with Min Ho, her roommate, who secretly has feelings for her too.

Who does Kitty end up with in XO, Kitty Season 1?

Does Kitty end up with Min Ho?

Throughout the first season, our leading lady is locked in a rivalry with fellow student Min Ho. They bump into each other at the airport on their way to Seoul, and the rivalry continues to grow from this point onwards.

Kitty does eventually see a softer side to Min Ho, though after the initial bullying and bitterness subsides. Min Ho helps Kitty to cook a meal for students and staff members during Chuseok. He also saves her when her outfit catches on fire at the talent show.

In the season finale, Min Ho catches a plane and ends up sitting right next to Kitty. Just before the flight takes off, Min Ho tells Kitty that he is falling in love with her. Kitty is shocked by this revelation and doesn’t know how to react. They don’t officially end up being together in the first season, but that may all change in the next.

Does Kitty end up with Yuri?

Another one of Kitty’s frenemies is Yuri, the exact student who stole Kitty’s boyfriend. Kitty clashes with Yuri throughout the series as they both vie for Dae’s affection. At Min Ho’s party, Kitty starts to gain feelings for Yuri, though she is amazed by her DJ set and striking beauty.

Kitty begins to have dreams about Yuri too, and the more she tries to hide these feelings, the more they take hold of her. In the end, Kitty realizes that she is in love with Yuri. At the airport, she starts to tell Yuri the truth, but Juliana interrupts them.

The show concludes with Kitty accepting that Yuri is in love with Juliana and that this is something she cannot change. She doesn’t fight for this love; Kitty leaves without making a scene, ending their relationship maturely.

Does Kitty end up with Dae?

Dae is one of the main reasons that Kitty traveled all the way to Seoul in the first place, yet they don’t end up together by the season’s end. Kitty realizes that Dae is her first love and the perfect first boyfriend, but they are not meant to be together. Her heart is meant for another.

Kitty thanks Dae and then kisses him goodbye. She may be saving herself for Yuri, but she doesn’t end up with her either. Kitty boards the flight knowing full well that she will probably not be returning to Seoul.

She has learned a lot about growing up and found herself on this adventure, but she hasn’t found true love in Seoul, unfortunately. Kitty remains single at the end of the series.

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