The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 ending explained – what happened in the finale?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 15, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 provided closure but opened the door for some dramatic things that could make season 3 even better.

We recap the HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, episode 10 (finale), which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

Season 2, episode 9 of The Sex Lives of College Girls proved fruitful for all ahead in the season finale. First, we saw Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) break up with Jackson, and then we saw Leighton (Reneé Rapp) and Tatum have a big fight. Next, Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott) realized Andrew wasn’t dating material, and Bela (Amrit Kaur) is about to get a massive spotlight, but at what cost? Let’s dive into the season finale.

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, episode 10 recap and ending explained

The episode starts with a group of ladies cheering and clapping as they bang on the lady’s dorm room. They open the door, and we discover that Leighton has been elected Kappa social chair for next year. She is excited, and the position comes with one of the best rooms in the house. Whitney pauses, asks if she is moving, and responds, “I guess so”. The ladies look a little befuddled.

It’s time for everyone to start filling out the dorm information for next year. Of course, with Leighton moving, the shift will be interesting with our ladies. First, Whitney asks Kimberly if she would still like to room with her, and she says yes. Then, Bela storms in to show her off in the Essex View, and the ladies love it. As Bela makes Kimberly pass out copies of the magazine to everyone, Bela informs Kimberly that she plans to live off-campus next year.

Leighton arrives, and Alicia tells her they have cut their budget in half for next semester. Next, Kimberly tells Lila about her feelings for Canaan. She explains that it could ruin everything about their friendship, and she isn’t sure Kimberly is her type. Finally, Whitney tells Willow she is officially on the BioChemistry and BioPsthics track. Willow jokes about how she is taking the same classes as her boyfriend, Andrew and Whitney say she is trying to break up with him.

Bela arrives at The Foxy meet up with the crew of UPSET about how the magazine turned out. However, Bela tries to play it off like she had no clue, which leads to grilling, even asking her if they showed it to her before publishing. Once riding a high is now down in the dumps.

Leighton’s dad Henry arrives (wearing a Proud Gay Dad shirt), which she laughs because it is worded to look like he is “Gay.” Her mother talks about how exciting it is to go with her to the Kappa party tonight. Then, Canaan spilled oat milk on himself, and he took his shirt off, and Kimberly was google-eyed for a moment. He asked if she was going to the party, and she said no, and he responded if she changed her mind to hit him up.

In between walking to class, Whitney is jumped and scared by Andrew. We find out that Andrew is about to do a presentation, but Whitney seems like she has something to say to him, which he asks her to tell him now cause that’s all he’ll think about. So, she finally breaks up with him, and he takes it okay externally, but you can tell he is hurt. Inside the classroom, during the class presentation, Andrew blows it as he breaks down crying.

At Sips, Kimberly mentions to Zoe that she missed out on going to the banquet with Canaan. However, Zoe had no clue what she was talking about. Kimberly takes this as a sign and finds Lila to ask her if she wants to go to the party tonight. Lila will never turn down an invite to a party. I love the side characters on this show quite a bit. The show focuses on the four ladies at the forefront, but characters like Lila are vital in making this series as good as it is.

Bela meets with a new prospect Georgia, who she regrets to inform her that her writing was awful and that The Foxy isn’t for her. At the Zappa gathering, Leighton tells her mom that she might not want this anymore. She didn’t want to let her mom down, but her mom told her that if she didn’t want to be in Kappa, she didn’t have to be. Also gives her the piece of advice we all need to hear, “life is too short to waste on things that don’t bring you happiness.” Another strong thing about this show is the battle each of us faces when not wanting to let our parents down. Now, not all parents will react as Leighton’s have, but it’s nice to see that acceptance on a TV series.

It’s the last pregame of freshman year, and the ladies are living up their life. But, as everyone is excited, Bela finds out that she is being canceled on social media by the girl she shut down earlier. The ladies mentioned that no one would see it cause she has like forty followers (we know better).

Whitney and Willow discuss men in the room, but none seem to be her type. Then, moments later, Canaan walks down the steps and sparks a look in Whitney’s eyes. Uh-oh, could we be heading down a three-way battle for Canaan? Next, we see Kimberly and Canaan share a brief moment together. It’s hilarious that every “romantic” moment that Kimberly has always is super awkward.

How does the finale end?

Alicia arrived at the party and asked Leighton how Kappa was going. She informs her that she quit, which shocks Alicia, but explains that she wants to spend more time doing things that matter. Then, Leighton handed her a thirty-thousand dollar check from her mom, who was going to donate it to Kappa but told her it would do better things with Alicia. Next, Alicia lays a kiss right on Leighton. She apologizes but says she is fine as she broke up with Tatum and grabs her back for another kiss.

Kimberly notices that Canaan is getting ready to leave the party, so she stops him to ask where he is going. He mentions he is heading to another party and invites her, but she sees Whitney and turns the offer down. But, after a moment of sitting there, she heads out to follow him. Next, the ladies of The Foxy confront Bela about the article (and tweet), knowing she lied to them. So, they fired her from The Foxy.

Whitney finds Lila to ask if she has seen Canaan. She let her know that he had left a little while ago. So, Whitney leaves the party to find him (uh-oh x 2). However, Kimberly finds him first to confront him about the invite to the banquet. He admits he lied, leading her to kiss him. Of course, Whitney walks up, sees the big kiss, and is upset.

At breakfast the following day, Leighton announces that she is back together with Alicia. She says that she is very happy about it. Kimberly realizes that since Bela isn’t moving off campus and Leighton isn’t moving into Kappa, they could all live together again. Leighton is the first to speak up to say she is down. Next, Bela says yes, but is still struggling with what happened. Finally, Whitney asks Kimberly how her night was, and she says, “no, not really.” This leads to Whitney asking Kappa for the room that Leighton turned down.

Bela has a meeting and breaks down how disastrous a year she has had. So, she lists everything that happened and finishes it with what she would like to transfer. Wow, what an ending.

Overall, the finale had some expected things happen and some surprises that definitely left the door open for season 3. I was a massive fan of the writing in season 2 as the stories shifted, but my favorite was the arc that was given to Leighton. I loved the evolution from seasons 1 to 2 and the pivotal moments that were strong and important to convey on the screen. Reneé Rapp was my MVP this season, but everyone deserves massive praise.

What did you think of The Sex Lives of College Girls, season 2, episode 10 (finale), and the ending? Comment below.

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