Stranger Things season 4 – who is Eddie Munson?

May 27, 2022
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This article, “Who is Eddie Munson,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Stranger Things season 4.

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Stranger Things season 4 – who is Eddie Munson?

The character of Eddie Munson is the O’Bannion on Stranger Things. (That’s a Dazed and Confused reference for the Ben Affleck fans out there). He is the head of The Hellfire Club, an 80s punk rock band that I am sure wanted to be The Clash but doubled as a Dungeons and Dragons club for grand campaigns and adventures. Eddie welcomed Mike, Dustin, and Lucas into his group, but now Lucas is more into basketball. Eddie was supposed to have graduated two years prior, but he can’t seem to get over the hump. One would think the hump would be reading the books, but he must be interested in the government-funded free lunch program for two different years.

What does Eddie do in season 4?

It probably would also get in the way of his business. He sells drugs, mainly weed, well before it was legal to sell, and indeed staying in school helps his profit margins. Otherwise, he would be in a van on the verge of the school parking lot selling the stuff. It leads him to talk to Chrissy, the head cheerleader who dates Hawkins’ star athlete. She has anxiety and wants to calm her fears with some weed, but she asks Eddie if he would sell her something more potent.

Unfortunately, when Eddie brings out the good stuff, Chrissy is in a trance, eyes rapidly moving, and she begins to levitate as her back touches the ceiling. Eddie freaks out, and screams when all of her limbs are broken, her jaw is snapped, and her eyes cave into her head. Eddie runs from his home, and his Uncle finds the girl the next day.

Eddie’s Uncle Wayne, though, has a theory. He does not tell this to professional reports or even the police. He thinks it is someone locked away decades ago. We are talking about the early 1960s. A serial killer cut out his own eyes after murdering his entire family. His name is Victor Creel.

What exactly is happening in Hawkins? Everyone thinks Eddie is the killer, and when one more ends up dead, they believe he is a serial killer. Eddie hides in a boathouse owned by his drug supplier, and poor Chrissy’s boyfriend, Jason Carver, tracks him down. Carver’s friend is then killed in the same fashion as Chrissy. So, again, what exactly is going on?

Carver thinks The Hellfire Club is playing with Devil’s magic. However, Dustin and Lucas put their heads together and figure this is really the work of an otherworldly dark wizard named Vecna.

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