The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, episode 9 recap – why does Kimberly break up with Jackson?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 15, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Episode 9 isn’t the perfect episode, but it had some strong moments that leave us with some fun things to unpack in the season finale.

Last week we had a whirlwind of events go down as we head into Episode 9 of The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2. From Leighton (Reneé Rapp) and Tatum finally hooking up, Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott) and Andrew unable to stop hooking up, Jackson and Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) becoming a couple, and Bela (Amrit Kaur) trying to rebound after Eric breaks up with her. We’ve got a lot to unpack as we reach the season’s end, so let’s dive in.

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, episode 9 recap

The ladies are eating breakfast together, and Leighton brings up Alicia texting her while she was with Tatum, and asks for everyone’s advice. The entire table is shocked because Leighton never asks them for advice on her dating life. Kimberly says she should talk to Tatum and see how she feels. Moments later, Andrew walks up to the table and says that he and Whitney are going on a date later. While shocked, she said yes to the date.

Next, we find out that Canaan is set to receive the Economic Young Entrepreneur Award. Kimberly is overly excited for him and says he HAS to go. While at yoga, Leighton tells Tatum about Alicia, and Tatum is 100% down with her seeing her. Then, Bela announces that The Foxy is getting a featured write-up in the Essex View. Everyone is excited, but not for the right reasons. Bela reminds them how important this is and how they must look their best.

We move to dinner with Andrew and Whitney, and it is awkward. Andrew mentions yelp, orders quickly, and tells Whitney not to order a salad because a reviewer said the croutons weren’t good. Whitney tells him to relax a little, but he tells her that he is, but a few moments later, he sends back his water for “smelling.” I believe we are heading down a path of Andrew not being boyfriend material.

At the coffee shop, Canaan asks Kimberly to go to the big award function with him. Then, Leighton arrives to see Alicia, who invited her for free physical labor (we know there is more to that). As they build up the packages for those in need, the group announces throwing a charity gathering to raise money. Leighton asks if she can bring a guest, which surprises Alicia, but she says she is excited to meet her new girl.

Bela is talking to the writer of the Essex View and breaks down how they are trying to stand out in a space where men dominate. She follows that The Foxy is trying to show that women can be funny and funnier than men. Whitney talks to one of her friends about how bad the date was, but they stumble upon Andrew on the basketball court. Andrew sees her and talks about how much fun they had on their date and that they should do it again. Whitney veers off the subject by saying they should play basketball together. They proceed to have a great time on the court.

At the award banquet, we find out that Canaan has been quite behind the scenes with an incredible charity start-up helping offset the cost of Alzheimer’s treatments. It shocks Kimberly that it was him. Tatum isn’t having a great time at the party with Leighton and her old crew. They run into Alicia, who Tatum floors. Next, at The Essex View, the journalist shows Bela the piece he wrote, but it features only her, which she is scared will hurt everyone else’s feelings. She says to keep it as is, which is bound to make everyone mad.

We move to Kimberly and Canaan, who is dancing after the award ceremony. She asks him why he never brought up his mother, to which he replies that sick parents don’t come up in casual conversations. He mentions how his mother had always been there for him, so it was his turn to do the same. The two share a bit of a moment. Uh-oh.

Ending Explained – why does Kimberly break up with Jackson?

Back at the party, Tatum is ready to go, and as Leighton mentions bidding on something, Tatum criticizes the stuff they have up for auction. Unfortunately, one of the people overheard her, leading to Leighton bidding a crazy amount on it. Alicia is off in the distance, watching Tatum and Leighton argue over her criticism of the party. Finally, Leighton says that maybe dating her made her realize the things they have in common are the things she wants to change about herself.

In bed, Andrew tells Whitney who would’ve known that the two of them would end up dating. Whitney has a puzzled look on her face while he turns her around to snuggle her. Then, Canaan thanked Kimberly for coming with him tonight. As he walks home from seeing Kimberly off, Canaan runs into Whitney. She mentions she is proud of him, and he says thank you.

As the episode comes to a close, Kimberly is walking the dorm halls with a smile on her face because of the night she had with Canaan. She goes to enter her dorm but knocks on Jackson’s door and says, “I think we should break up.”

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