Tehran season 2, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 17, 2022
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An excellent finish to the second season of Tehran. There are devastating deaths and, more importantly, constant levels of tension and excitement in the season finale. It’s clear that the writers do not want to finish with the second season, so let’s pray that Apple TV+ renews Tehran for a third season.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Tehran season 2, episode 8, “Blood Funeral,” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Tehran season 2, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

Tamar gets warned that The General is on his way and that she must leave. The guards seem to be eyeing her up, however. When Peyman’s mother learns that he is dead, she attacks The General before collapsing in grief. Luckily for Tamar, everyone gets told to return home, and she is free to leave. Nothing adds up for Faraz’s superior, though. He finds it odd that Peyman, a talented driver, could drive to his death or that Ali was suicidal. 

Tamar argues with Milad and Marjan over Peyman’s death. When Faraz arrives, he wants to know what’s next. Faraz warns Tamar, Milad, and Marjan that the truth will soon be discovered. Although he does offer a solution, during the funeral, The General will be alone with Peyman’s body. And Faraz says that is when they should strike. For once, Yulia is against the idea as wars have been started for less. However, Marjan lies and claims they have a green light to move forward with the idea.

Faraz warns Nahid that she isn’t safe in the house, so he needs her to come to Peyman’s funeral. Marjan hands over the poison, which apparently will make death quicker. Marjan instructs Tamar not to wait for her if the plan doesn’t work. And just before Marjan wishes her good luck, Tamar thanks her for having her back. Yulia watches CCTV footage of Tamar attending the funeral and tries to call Marjan. She, however, doesn’t answer. Amir jumps into the car and aims a gun at Marjan; he forces her to speak to Yulia. Yulia instructs her to stop the mission, or she will make sure that Marjan’s husband will be known as the greatest traitor in the history of Iran. 

Vahid bumps into Tamar at the funeral. He accuses her of tearing him and Peyman apart. Meanwhile, Faraz learns from Hossein that a component has been found among the car’s wreckage. Mere seconds afterward, Faraz has to attend to Marjan. She needs to be inside, so Marjan suggests that she goes inside to be Nahid’s emotional “escort”. As Peyman’s body arrives, Vahid accuses Tamar of being involved; he claims that there is something “fishy” about her. Because of the display, Vahid gets thrown out of the funeral. But not before he warns Tamar that “they’ll meet again”. As Tamar goes to plant the poison, Marjan says the mission is off. She reveals that Yulia will kill Milad in five minutes if they don’t leave. And, to add salt to the wound, they now want Tamar to kill Faraz with the poison. 

The ending

When Tamar goes to Faraz, he tells her to put the perfume on the table. And as she does so, she tells him that he was right, “they got cold feet”. So now, Tamar tells Faraz it’s time for plan B. The General pays his respects to Peyman and asks for forgiveness. Nahid is unable to find Faraz and, as a result, starts to feel unwell. As for Faraz, he is going to the resting grounds where he carries Peyman’s personal things. But that’s where Hossein stops him in his tracks. He wants to give the personal items to The General, and Faraz has no choice but to hand them over. 

Tamar tasers Amir, knocking him unconscious, and drives off with Milad. As Nahid begins to panic, Marjan takes her to an empty room. But, in a shock move, Nahid sprays Marjan in the face with the poison perfume. The General learns that there was a device used in Peyman’s car. As he swears revenge in his own honor, Peyman’s phone goes off. He answers it, thinking it’s his wife. But, instead, it is Tamar. She tells him that her aunt Arezoo sends her regards, and then the bomb within the phone detonates. The General is dead! 

As Marjan lies dying, Faraz shuts the door on her whilst chaos erupts over the explosion. Later that night, Tamar and Milad drive to an agreed location. There is a silver car waiting for them. As Tamar gathers their belongings, tragically, once Milad gets into the silver car, it blows up. Tamar sobs over Milad’s death before she runs off. 

Well, what a season! Although season one was pretty good, season two is phenomenal. It was great to see The General finally get assassinated, and whilst it always felt inevitable that Marjan would die in the season finale, it’s still bittersweet. Maybe, just maybe, someone has an antidote, and Glenn Close will be back for a third season. And after Milad’s life was threatened for nearly the entire season, he finally met a tragic end. Who do you think is behind the car bomb? Personally, I think Yulia. And it’s more than likely that Yulia intended for Tamar to die in the explosion as well. 

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