Tehran season 2, episode 7 recap – “Betty”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: June 10, 2022
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Apple TV+ series Tehran season 2, episode 7


Wow! What an episode. The ending left me speechless, mainly due to the cast’s performances. 

This recap of Apple TV+ series Tehran season 2, episode 7, “Betty,” contains spoilers.

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Tehran season 2, episode 7 recap

After accidentally killing Ali, Faraz returns home in a sombre mood whilst The General & Peyman tend to “Betty”. Faraz’s superior, Hossein, informs him that Ali was found dead, the speculation is that he committed suicide, but something doesn’t sit right for Hossein.

Tamar visits Peyman, whilst Milad sneaks inside and tries to bug the car. But when Yasaman appears at the house, it causes problems for everyone. Whilst Peyman is left to deal with Yasaman, Milad cannot bug the car successfully. As a result, Tamar decides to go to the party. Marjan is against the idea as it puts Tamar in too much danger, but Yulia, who once again is more focused on eliminating the General before he makes a deal with the North Koreans, has no issue with the danger that Tamar may face. 

Marjan goes to Faraz; she needs his help. But knowing that he won’t act willingly, she blackmails him over photos she has of Ali’s death. Milad comes to blows with Tamar due to the current situation that they’re living in. Peyman goes to see Tamar; he introduces her to his father’s charge of security, Faraz. Faraz has a few short questions. And it’s finally here! The conversation we’ve been waiting for. But the conversation, as you would expect, isn’t full of rays of sunshine. They talk about the ones that they’ve lost in this war, and Faraz reminds Tamar how much she sickens him. Once the conversation is over, Faraz calls Marjan. He wants reassurance that it’s happening, but he warns Marjan that if he goes down, she’ll be going down with him.

Driving “Betty”, Peyman and Tamar drive to the event. But there’s bad news for Tamar. A new drift car has been built, and in Peyman’s words, it makes “Betty” look like a donkey. As Tamar mingles with the guests, The General arrives. It’s not a huge problem, though. Once Tamar sends a photo of the car, they try to install the software. But, Tamar gets interrupted by guards, so she pretends that she lost an earring. They buy her story, and the installation completes. 

The ending

The General reveals that the new car is for Peyman and that he will be driving Betty after all. And this means that they won’t be in control of The General’s car. The race is on! And Yulia adds that now is the time to think outside of the box. Milad suggests that he uses Peyman’s car to ram The General off the edge. Tamar is against the idea, but Marjan and Yulia tell Milad to go ahead. The plan fails, and it is Peyman who drives off the edge. The remaining characters can only react in shock, horror, and despair over Peyman’s death.

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